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Global Total Solution Provider

POSCO E&C, founded in December 1994, is a total construction company that aims to be a global E&C company based on our excellent plant engineering technology, knowhow and skilled manpower accumulated from our experience in building the global top-tier integrated steel-works of POSCO.

Having offered total project services ranging from project planning to design, construction and commissioning, we have earned trust from our customers in a variety of areas from steel manufacturing to environmental and energy plants, new city development, SOC projects and high-rise building construction.

At POSCO E&C, we continue to distinguish ourselves with our success in new city and complex development projects, including the Songdo International Business District in South Korea and the North An Khanh New City in Vietnam, as well as in renewable energy pro-
jects, including solar, wind and tidal energy. We con-
stantly seek to penetrate new markets, including South America, Middle East and Russia, to secure reliable future income sources.

We will continue to evolve into a global total solution provider leading the 21st century by wisely coping with rapidly changing business environments based on our corporate culture putting people and technology first and realizing excellence in our technology competitiveness.