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POSCO E&C Provides Corporate Training for Saudi Arabian Students in Korea

AUG 30 ,2017

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pic01. The students are posing for a commemorative picture together with Dr. Sami Alabdulwahab, the Head of Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, (twelfth person from the left) and Mr. Chan-Kun Han, the CEO of POSCO E&C (thirteenth person from the left)

pic02.  Mr. Chan-Kun Han, the CEO of POSCO E&C is shaking hands with a student, after handing over the completion certificate

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- To 16 students who major in mechanical, electrical, industrial engineering
- It will hopefully be helpful in realization of Saudi Arabian Vision 2030

POSCO E&C (President, Chan-Kun Han) selected Saudi Arabian students who major in mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering in Korea, and provided corporate training in the fields of architecture, energy and infrastructure. The Completion Ceremony was held with the attendance of Dr. Sami Alabdulwahab, the Head of Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, last July 21st.

The training proceeded for 8 weeks from July 3 to August 21 as part of the "Technology Transfer Plan of POSCO E&C", which was agreed in the course of acquisition of POSCO E&C shares by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF).

A total of 16 university students participated in the "Corporate Practical Training" which is divide into 3 different fields : Building, Power Plant, and Railways.

The training started off with visiting POSCO’s Pohang Steel Works, History Museum etc. and, once touring the construction site of the 101-story residential complex, 'L-City' in Busan, students were separated with the mentors of each field and began major educational activity.

The students carried out the task of proposing a viable business model in Saudi Arabia, together with the mentors of POSCO E&C, for 6 weeks.

Projects per team were planning ▲ The Development of the Best Museum of Middle East in Saudi Arabia ▲ The Development of a Power Plant in Tiran Island, which Connects Middle East to Africa ▲ The Development of a Four-Line Metro in Al-Hasa Area of Saudi Arabia. Various feasible models were suggested.

"We hope that POSCO E&C will contribute not only to the dreams and visions of the individuals but also to the realization of the vision of 2030, the Economic and Social Development Plan of Saudi Arabia” said Mr. Chan-Kun Han, the CEO of POSCO E&C.

Meanwhile, for those who have completed the Summer Engineering Course, POSCO E&C is planning to carry out the Winter Construction Couse in 2nd half of the year, which focuses mainly on experiencing construction sites.