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Strategic Materials Control

Compliance Program (CP) is a system in which a company establishes the systems required for the control of strategic materials export and autonomously implements the control of exports to comply with export regulations.

POSCO E&C acquired the CP certificate for the first time in the domestic construction industry in May 2013, and has continuously sought to uphold a culture of lawful export practice.

CEO's Message

"To survive the continuing global economic crisis, we should not only maintain our technology, quality and price competitiveness, but we also need to faithfully comply with various regulations governing corporations, including security, safety and environment regulations.

"CP is one of the most influential international norms directly associated with the survival of a company, and thus it is essential to comply with lawful procedures and regulations.

"In this sense, we, at POSCO E&C, will comply with applicable regulations including the Foreign Trade Act and strive to ensure our compliance program is implemented without any problems.“

May 9, 2014
Hwang Tae-hyun, President
POSCO E&C Co., Ltd.

We recognize the importance of the control of strategic materials for improving our corporate credit and maintaining sustainable management and, in line with this, we declare the following:

We, all the executives and employees of POSCO E&C, implicitly recognize that implementing CP is to fulfill our corporate responsibilities associated with international security and world peace, and share this idea.

We strive to establish our own organizations and systems required for the autonomous control of strategic materials.

We actively cooperate with the government's strategic material export control policy and make our utmost efforts to prevent any violation, such as the illegal export of strategic materials.

May 2, 2014
Hwang Tae-hyun, President
POSCO E&C Co., Ltd.