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POSCO E&C operates a variety of welfare and fringe benefit systems to enable every member of the company to enjoy a rich and stable life in the course of their growth with the company.

POSCO E&C operates legitimate welfare and fringe benefit systems such as occupational accident insurance, health insurance, employment insurance, and the national pension, and provides optimal work environments for the safety and convenience of the employees.

01 Fund for housing & living expenses
Funds with a low interest rate for the purchase or rent of a house, or living expenses within a defined amount.
02 Education expenses
Support for the educational expenses of employees’ children nationally and overseas within a defined amount. The fund may be used for the self-development of the employees themselves.
03 Medical expenses
Support of medical expenses for the treatment or prevention of diseases or injuries sustained by the employees and their families.
04 Health examination
Annual detailed or general health examination to monitor the health status of employees and maintain good health.
05 Leisure facilities
Membership cards for condominiums and rest for recreation for employees and their families
06 Optional fringe benefits
Every employee is entitled to design his/her own welfare and fringe benefit plan, and use the budget allocated to him/her under the points system for the appropriate items:

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