POSCO E&C is committed to
becoming a more safe, trusted and
innovative company to protect the
precious values of its customers.

POSCO E&C is a total construction company which has built plants, the engines of national
industries, established infrastructures that connect people, and smart cities in various regions both at home and abroad.

We are also practicing ESG across our business areas for sustainable growth and to continue with
the new challenge of securing the future growth engine of our eco-friendly and new growth industries.

Placing safety as a top priority in all our business activities, we have built a systematic health and
safety management system to make our construction sites safer and happier, taking the initiative in developing and disseminating smart safety technologies.

We are also striving to create a healthy industrial ecosystem by creating value together with our
business partners as our community and complying with fair trade practices under the belief that only transparent companies can be trusted.

POSCO E&C will continue to take the initiative in making the space where we live more valuable.


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