POSCO E&C's CI consists of English and Korean version CIs
combined with the POSCO watermark.

CI Elements

POSCO E&C’s CI consists of Korean and English version of CIs combined with the corporate wordmark, which is the core element of the company’s visual identity. Each element is harmonized with the other and applied to various items as needed to form the corporate brand image of POSCO E&C. Shapes and colors should be chosen carefully according to these guidelines to ensure that a consistent visual identity is established.

Korean Version CI
As a visual symbol representing POSCO E&C, the Korean version CI is combined with the Korean logotype, which has been developed in harmony with the POSCO corporate wordmark. It should not be used in any modified form to ensure that a consistent visual identity is established.
English Version CI
The English version CI has limited use as a supplement to the Korean version CI and is primarily used abroad. It should not be used in any modified form to ensure that a consistent visual identity is established.
Basic Spacing Rules
Spacing is measured according to the height of the POSCO wordmark 'O' (top, bottom, left, right) of the Korean version CI of POSCO E&C. The rules apply to all applications.
Dedicated colors are another important means of differentiating POSCO E&C's brand image, and it is important to use the designated colors both consistently and accurately. Color expression is based on the spot color printing system when the CI is applied to print media, and the Pantone Color or CMYK Process Color listed in the guidebook is used as a standard. The CI that needs to be reproduced in CMYK Process Color on newspapers and magazines, for example, should be printed according to the Process Color system shown below.

Main Color

C:100 M:35 Y:0 K:40
R:5 G:80 B:125

Sub Color

    PANTONE 299C
    C:85 M:10 Y:0 K:0
    R:0 G:165 B:229
    PANTONE Cool Gray 11C
    C:8 M:0 Y:5 K:82
    R:75 G:81 B:81
    PANTONE Cool Gray 4C
    C:0 M:0 Y:3 K:30
    R:189 G:189 B:186
  • POSCO White
    PANTONE White
    C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0
    R:255 G:255 B:255
  • POSCO Black
    C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100
    R:0 G:0 B:0
    PANTONE 871C
    PANTONE 877C

Brand Identity & Story


Based on firmness and sturdiness, POSCO E&C focuses on the essence of housings to provide its customers with relaxation and lead the premium housing culture.

  • 신뢰할 수 있는 안전 Reliable safety

    Fostering a reliable
    and safe housing environment

  • 강화된 편의 Reinforced convenience

    Realizing convenient and comfortable lifestyles through high-class facilities and services

  • 실천 Comfortable rest

    Providing comfort and rest in a cozy environment to make everyone energized

  • 실천 Sophisticated design

    Completing the premium class of housing environments through refined designs


The symbol of THE SHARP embodied a firm structural form with vertical and horizontal strokes intersecting each other, inspired by the sturdiness of high-rise buildings.
It applies the golden ratio to visually deliver the essence of beauty through proportion, order, and harmony. With the sense of comfort and stability, the design conveys the leadership and trustworthiness of THE SHARP.



The logotype of THE SHARP goes in harmony with the symbol.
Giving emphasis with capital letters “T” and “S” ensures legibility and clarity when applied in buildings or various environments. It is designed to realize powerful communication and delivers a firm and refined image of THE SHARP even when used independently.



The new logo design contains “Advance in Core,” the brand identity of THE SHARP, that focuses on the essence of the residential space based on strength and solidity. The symbol of THE SHARP is of a structural form in which horizontal and vertical strokes intersect based on the tenacity of the structure, giving you a sense of visual stability and balance, and represents the leading residential culture of THE SHARP, which focuses on the essence.



Slogan is a communication phrase used to effectively deliver the core message of a brand both internally and externally. When applying the slogan, it shall be used in accordance with the instructions of this guideline to prevent damage to the image due to its distortion, deformation, misuse and/or abuse. The minimum size regulation has been decided in consideration of the slogan’s reproducibility; it is prohibited to use the slogan below the minimum size.



Steel, which has existed together with the mankind, is the material that symbolizes POSCO. The deep and rich Prussian blue created by steel is the new color of THE SHARP, and its profound weight and force within make the presence of THE SHARP stand out more than any other color. The blue color, which has grown through the ages, will powerfully carry on the new identity of THE SHARP.

THE SHARP Prussian Blue PANTONE 289C
CMYK 100/79/10/70
RGB 0/18/65

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