Management Philosophy

Corporate Citizenship
: Building a Better Future Together



An innovative company challenging industry
limits to build an eco-friendly future society

Vision Slogan

Going Green for Next Generation

Management Strategy

  • Portfolio Innovation Building a foundation for growth with a dual-core of Eco Biz and Urban Biz

    • Secondary batteries, low-carbon steel
    • Offshore wind power, Small Modular Reactors (SMR)
    • Eco-friendly future housing
    • Future infrastructure, resource circulation
  • Business Model Refinement Strengthening early-stage involvement in EPC, transitioning to a developer role through leveraging development capabilities

    • Securing core EPC technologies, early participation
    • Specialization of the business model
    • Gradual transition to developer role
  • Changes in Execution Approach Fostering an organizational culture that challenges limits and innovating the execution system based on convergence and digital platforms

    • Spreading a culture of corporate challenge
    • Strengthening the foundation for future growth
    • Optimizing group-wide EPC execution
    • Identifying and proposing future business opportunities through group synergy

Core Values

  • Safety Prioritizing safety as the highest value and practicing “Safety Management.”
  • Environment Leading an eco-friendly construction culture in harmony with nature
  • Quality Maximizing customer satisfaction through the provision of the highest quality, aiming for zero defects
  • Innovation Pursuing challenges and innovations that surpass industry limits
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