Building a Sustainable Society for Humanity


POSCO E&C will build a sustainable future for the world.

Leveraging technological expertise and know-how gained from plant, infrastructure, and building works projects, POSCO E&C will accelerate the green transition by building rechargeable battery facilities, hydrogen plants, zero-energy buildings, modular steel buildings and offshore wind energy farms.

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POSCO Group has built a complete rechargeable battery materials value chain. We are uniquely equipped to supply the world with raw input as well as final active materials, i.e. cathodes and anodes.

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With POSCO Holdings at the helm, POSCO Group will carve out its position in the hydrogen energy sector by building an integrated value chain for clean hydrogen from production and distribution to utilization.

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As a means to achieve sustainable growth, POSCO Group continues to develop innovative and sustainable construction techniques.

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We undertake a wide range of industrial plant projects that drive humanity’s progress and vitalize industry.

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In partnership with clients, POSCO Group is poised to expand green energy supply. By leveraging wind power expertise and POSCO Greenable, steel products tailored to renewable energy, we intend to grow into a leading player in the offshore wind market.

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