POSCO India Maharashtra ACL PJT

POSCO-India ACL project was aimed at installing a non-oriented electrical steel plate production plant with a goal to respond to the growing industrial demand in India and to secure the Southeast Asian market against a Japanese steel makers’ local production of electrical steel plates. 

Through this project, an annealing and coating line (ACL) plant for non-oriented (NO) electrical steel plate production with an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons was installed in Vile Bhagad Industrial Area (approximately 42 km away from Dighi Port where POSCO Logistics Distribution Base is located) of Maharashtra, India. For this project, POSCO E&C supplied the machinery and auxiliary facilities while POSCO DX supplied the EIC facilities. 

In addition, POSCO E&C provided engineering works, design works, mechanical and electrical installations, and utility installation. POSCO E&C, as a leading company, played the role as a coordinator and provided overall engineering service and performance guarantee. Following the project completion, NO electrical steel plates were created and supplied to customers. With this, POSCO secured a foundation for entry to the Southeast Asian NO electrical steel plate market.

  • Period
    2011.09 - 2013.08
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    POSCO Electrical Steel India Private Limited
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Facility capacity
    - ACL (Annealing and Coating Line): 300,000 tons/year

    Scope of work: ACL supply, construction of the facilities, general engineering service, and general performance guarantee (including installation of electrical and auxiliary facilities)
  • Location
    Maharashtra, India

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