PANAMA COLON Gas-to-Power Plant

Panama Colon gas-to-power (GTP) project was to build an LNG terminal and the GTP power generation facility in Colon, an area located approximately 60 km away from Panama City, the capital of Panama. 

POSCO E&C was the first large-scale construction company to implement a comprehensive large-scale GTP project. Based on our performance to complete a number of combined power plants and LNG terminals, we succeeded in winning the contract for this project by competing against the leading overseas companies. 

GTP is a power generation technology using the high-efficiency gas turbine and natural gas. Befitting the ESG era, this large-scale LNG facility for power generation will replace the conventional coal-fired power generation. By accumulating the experience of completing large-scale overseas project, we prepared a foundation for positioning ourselves as a top player in the key markets across the world. In addition, we have internally developed a GTP optimization program based on our experiences of this project along with cost improvement cases. We are using this program to provide technological support to major clients.

  • Period
    2016.05 - 2018.07
  • Place of order
    Place of order
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Power generation capacity: 391 MW ×1

    LNG transportation facilities: Jetty + LNG terminal

    Storage facility: Tank 180,000 M³
  • Location
    Colon, Panama

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