POSCO FUTURE M Rechargeable Battery Anode Material Plant, Sejong

POSCO E&C is currently implementing phase 2 of the project to extend POSCO FUTURE M Anode Material Plant 2 (annual production capacity: 22,000 tons) in Sejong. 

The Sejong Plant is producing anode, a material for electric vehicle battery (secondary cell) using natural graphite (annual production capacity of plant 1: 24,000 tons; annual production capacity of plant 2 (Phase 1): 20,000 tons). 

POSCO E&C is currently building an artificial graphite plant of POSCO FUTURE M with an annual production capacity of 16,000 tons in Pohang. Graphite is widely used as a material for anode production. It is largely divided into artificial graphite and natural graphite. Artificial graphite is manufactured with the crystallinity increased at high temperature. Compared to natural graphite, the structure is more uniformed and stable. 

It ensures long lifespan of electric vehicle batteries and enables quick battery charging. POSCO FUTURE M plans to establish a system for anode production by 260,000 tons a year by 2030 through expansion of its portfolio for anode materials, such as natural graphite, artificial graphite, and silicon materials. In addition, it has set a goal to increase global anode and cathode market share to 20% and sales to KRW 17 trillion by 2030. 

In the transition period for the automobile industry to shift from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles, the demand for secondary cell—a key component of electric vehicles—is continuously increasing. POSCO Group’s new business item is the production of secondary cell materials. As a construction and engineering affiliate of POSCO Group, we are building secondary cell material production plants, which is equivalent to building the future of humankind. 

  • Period
    2018.10 - 2020.03
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    POSCO Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Anode material plant 2, stage 1
    (20,000 tons/year)
    - Gross floor area : 21,610 ㎡
    - Construction period :
    * Oct. 2018 – Mar. 2020

    Anode material plant 2, stage 2
    (22,000 tons/year)
    - Gross floor area : 43,609 ㎡
    - Construction period :
    * Dec. 2019 – Aug. 2022
  • Location
    Sejong, Korea

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