GM Korea Changwon Paintshop Plant

GM Korea is modernizing its Changwon Plant by pulling down the old facility and building a new one. 

POSCO E&C constructed the paint shop, which is included in the scope of GM Korea’s modernization project. GM Korea’s Changwon Plant is mainly producing light vehicles, such as Chevy Spark. From 2023, it will start the production of crossover utility vehicles (CUVs). The paint shop spans approximately 82,000㎡ in gross floor area and 46,000㎡ in building area. 

It consists of a factory building, an office building, a substation, a utility building, and a paint storage. 

The first, second, and third floors of factory building are used for manual process, automated process, and air conditioning system, respectively. 

The painting capacity is 60 vehicles per hour and up to 280,000 vehicles per year. Capable of processing various vehicle types, the paint shop has secured a range of techniques including two-toned coating. In the new paint shop, which is equipped with eco-friendly facilities, all of the key processes are automated. 

In addition, through the application of advanced technologies, the highest production quality is ensured. At the same time, processes generating dust, which can exert impact on workers’ moving lines and coating operation, are separated as much as possible to ensure high production quality. In addition to the paint shop, POSCO E&C has been building the manufacturing plants of companies producing automobile parts, such as BOSCH Korea, BorgWarner TS Korea, and Johnson Controls Korea. We are also preparing to build the high-tech electric vehicle plants with clean room technologies applied.

  • Period
    2019.04 - 2020.10
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    GM Korea Company
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Gross floor area: 81,636 ㎡

    Site area: 731,401 ㎡

    Steel frame / Truss structure PF (Point Foundation)
  • Location
    Changwon, Korea

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