Rehabilitation of Road between Nampula and Nametil in Mozambique

POSCO E&C entered Africa with its first project

Completed project without extension of construction period

The Nampula–Nametil Road Rehabilitation Project was the first project carried out by POSCO E&C in Africa. 

Despite the extremely inferior environment, POSCO E&C, with only three key members, completed the first overseas infrastructure project. This was a project to rehabilitate the two-lane unpaved road with an extension of 70.65 km between Nampula and Nametil located 2,400 km to the northeast of Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique into an asphalt road through the application of DBST1) technique and to build six bridges along the road. 

With the construction commenced in December 2017 and completed on time in July 2020, we obtained the taking over certificate (TOC) from the project ordering authority. With the project being the country’s long-cherished wish, the President of Mozambique attended the groundbreaking ceremony in December 2017 and requested successful completion of the project. Currently, the Nampula–Nametil section is opened for traffic, transforming into an inland traffic hub extending through Angoche (sea), Nametil, Nampula, and Nacala (port city) of Mozambique, contributing to the country’s inland economic activation. 

POSCO E&C not only improved technological power and high-quality construction capacity, but also made a considerable contribution to enhancing Korea’s national prestige. President of Mozambique, Ambassador Yeo Seong-jun to Mozambique, the Governor of Nampula, the Mozambican Public Works Minister, and the president of the ordering authority attended the completion ceremony held in July 2020. 

They expressed gratitude to POSCO E&C and the relevant officials involved in the project for providing employment opportunities to the local residents, contributing to local economic activation, and giving shape to the government’s strategic vision for developing the region into a hub for inland transportation. 

This is an exemplary case of POSCO E&C’s successful project completion on time in the new market of Africa.

1) DBST Pavement: DBST, which stands for double bituminous surface treatment, is to spray bitumen on a road surface, lay out aggregates, and pave the surface twice rather than executing pavement using a mixture of aggregate and bitumen. Being a simple and low-cost technique, it is used in underdeveloped countries, such as those in Africa, to reduce construction cost.

  • Period
    2018.01 - 2020.07
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    ANE, Administracao National de Estradas
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Extension: 70.65 km: DBST pavement, 6 bridges (Extension: 130 m)
  • Location
    Nampula, Mozambique

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