Krakow Incinerator in Poland

Unblemished, Accident-Free, and Green Energy-Certified: Poland's Largest Waste-to-Energy Facility

The Krakow Incinerator, Poland's largest waste-to-energy plant, processes 220,000 tons of domestic waste annually to deliver local heating and electrical energy supply.

Constructed by POSCO E&C, the Krakow Waste to Energy facility harnesses the heat from waste incineration to generate 11MWh of electricity and provide 35MWh of local heating. Moreover, post-incineration ash can be segregated and repurposed for use as road construction materials.

The completion of the Krakow Incinerator has alleviated the city's burden of landfill waste reduction mandated by the European Union (EU). Certified as green energy by the Polish government, the electricity produced at this facility can command a premium price, creating a win-win scenario.

During its three-and-a-half-year construction phase, POSCO E&C adhered strictly to Poland's rigorous environmental norms, ensuring meticulous site management. The outcome was an unblemished, accident-free project site that passed safety and environmental audits conducted by the Krakow Labor Office and Local Environmental Protection Agency without a single objection.

  • Period
    2012.10 - 2016.06
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    K.H.K (Krakowski Holding Komunaly S.A)
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    - Capacity: Waste disposal 220,000 tons/year (340 tons/day X 2 lines)
    - Power generation capacity: 10.7 MWh, district heating 35 MWh
  • Location
    Krakow, Poland

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