C.W. System Marine work for The Takoradi T2 Expansion Project

The first project in Ghana: marine work for the Takoradi Power Plant

The C.W. System Marine Work for the Takoradi T2 Expansion Project was implemented in the sea off the Takoradi Power Plant in Ghana, Africa. 

This was also POSCO E&C’s first project in Ghana. Despite the difficult local conditions posed by the heat, malaria, and inferior security, we successfully completed the construction works by dedicating greater efforts. 

We focused on successful completion by fighting against the inferior conditions in the project site. To overcome the difficulty in cement supply, we built concrete structures using portable mixer trucks. In particular, it was an extremely difficult task to install the HDPE pipes measuring 2.5 m in diameter amid the violent waves of the Atlantic Ocean. With our strong will, however, we successfully installed the pipes for a total extension of 8.8 km.

  • Period
    2012.07 - 2014.06
  • Place of order
    Place of order
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Installation of HDPE intake and discharge pipeline for power plant cooling water: 8.8 km, 2.5 m in diameter; underwater trench dredging: 8.8 km; intake pipeline: 5.4 km

    Underwater installation of discharge pipeline: 3.4 km; installation of intake structures in 2 locations
  • Location
    Takoradi, Ghana

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