East Breakwater Construction Works For The Second Stage In Ulleung(Sadong) Port

Catalyst for the development of Ulleungdo Island: East Breakwater Construction Works for the Second Stage In Ulleung (Sadong) Port

The East Breakwater Construction Works for the Second Stage in Ulleung (Sadong) Port is a very important project that will serve as a trigger for Ulleungdo Island’s development. The East Breakwater of Sadong Port was made by connecting 14 caissons (a concrete structure built to create an underwater structure or foundation), which serve as a frame for the breakwater. In general, caissons are manufactured near a breakwater; however, as it is difficult to supply construction materials in Ulleungdo Island, caissons are manufactured at Yeongilman Port of Pohang, which is 210 km away from the island. It takes nearly 50 hours to transport materials from such a remote port. 

Therefore, this new project has never been attempted in the construction industry. Having succeeded in manufacturing caissons by 14,000 tons, the largest scale in Korea, and transporting them over a long distance of 210 km from Pohang to Ulleungdo Island, POSCO E&C accomplished the outcome of installing ten caisson units on Sadong Port. 

We used chloride resistant concrete, which is a new technology. Furthermore, the four patented technologies were applied to ensure excellent bonding between caisson blocks and eco-friendliness to enable the growth of marine algae on the blocks. Detailed attention was paid to prevent back flow of seawater and secure harbor tranquility. Through the project, Sadong Port was able to stably handle large-scale passenger ship and coastal freight transportations were further enhanced.

 In addition, the settlement conditions for local residents have been improved as a military port for exclusive use by the naval patrol ships and vessels was secured. As such, Sadong Port has gained status as a gateway port to Ulleungdo Island.

  • Period
    2014.02 - 2018.06
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    Ministry Of Oceans and Fisheries
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    East breakwater: 640 m; seawater channels in 3 locations; 1 set of auxiliary works
  • Location
    Ulleung-gun, Republic of Korea

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