Jongno-gu Centropolis

Centropolis is a business and commercial facility located in Gongpyeong-dong, Jongno-gu of Seoul. With the gross floor area measuring 141,474.78 m2, this facility consists of two buildings, each with eight basement levels and 26 ground floors. 

The name, Centropolis, is a compound word of “centro,” which means the center, and “polis,” which is a city state of the ancient Greece. The entire basement level 1 is used to preserve artifacts excavated during construction. With the effort recognized, Centropolis was selected as the runner-up at the 2019 Korean Architecture Awards.

  • Period
    2015.10 - 2018.07
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    Appletree PFV
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Site area: 7,900.1M2

    Gross floor area: 141,474.78M2

    Construction scale: : 8 basement levels–26 ground floors (2 buildings), business and commercial facilities
  • Location
    Seoul, Republic of Korea

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