Pohang Park 1538

Pohang Park 1538 is a cultural space located in Goedong-dong, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do. “Park” and “1538” means an open space and the melting point of pure iron, respectively. 

This space, where culture and cutting-edge technologies breathe alive, shows the past, present, and future of POSCO. It is designed under the concept of an infinite loop, which symbolizes human creativity and unlimited recyclability of iron. Park 1538 was created as a theme park with a hiking trail measuring 1.2 km extending through the waterfront park, history center, promotion center, pedestrian overpass and the Hall of Fame on a site previously occupied by the PR center near Pohang Steelworks.

 In the construction of Park 1538, which was commenced in October 2019 and completed in around 18 months, a total of 807 tons of POSCO steel materials, such as PosMAC and stainless steel, were used. For the construction, design, and content production, 66 companies including POSCO E&C and POSCO A&C participated in the project. In particular, the old PR Center, which had been operated for 36 years since 1985, was transformed into a beautifully streamlined building through 3D exterior design. 

The first story of this building tell the “Story of Iron,” which is about the origin of iron and steel mills. The “Story of POSCO,” which is about the status of POSCO and exhibition of its products, is manifested in the second floor. Non-Object (Pole) by Anish Kappor, a master of contemporary art who is famous for Cloud Gate in Chicago, U.S, and Infinitum by Ron Arad, one of the world’s three designers, are on display, adding to the refinement of this cultural space. In the outdoor space, nameplates of the founding members of POSCO, POSCO’s former CEOs, and master engineers, etc. are on display in the Hall of Fame. It was established to ruminate over the founding philosophy and commemorate the people who made the history of POSCO. The “Media Tour Bus” is a program for visitors to enjoy a tour of steel mills through the high-tech transparent OLED screen.

 In addition, Park 1538 provides a business space and beautiful landscape as well as Chaoreum-gil, a 151m trail extending through the waterfront park, history center, and promotion center, and a range of convenience facilities. Park 1538 will be loved as a space of rest for citizens and as a landmark of Pohang.

  • Period
    2020.02 - 2021.03
  • Place of order
    Place of order
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Site area: 40,028M2

    Gross floor area: 7,210M2

    Construction scale: 3 ground floors, 1 basement levels
  • Location
    Pohang-si, Republic of Korea

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