Rare isotope Accelerator complex for ON-line experiment

Heavy Ion Accelerator (RAON) is located in Gukjegwahak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon. This is a key facility for the International Science Business Belt development project of the Ministry of Science and ICT. This research facility was built with gross floor area of 130,114 m2 on a site measuring 922,066 m2 in Sin-dong, Yuseong-gu Daejeon. The name RAON means “happy” and “joyful” in Korean. It conveys the meaning that the use of heavy ion accelerator will bring happiness and joy to scientists around the world and for the future of humankind.

  • Period
    2017.02 - 2021.06
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    Public Procurement Service
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Site area: 952,066M2

    Gross floor area: 130,144M2

    Construction scale: 2 basement levels–4 ground floors (14 buildings), accelerator and test facilities, research and operation support facilities
  • Location
    Daejeon, Republic of Korea

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