Jido-Imja Road (Imja Bridges 1 and 2)

Enhanced Island Connectivity with POSCO E&C's Pioneering Maritime Bridge

The maiden maritime bridge built by POSCO E&C, the Jido-Imja Road (comprising Imja Bridges 1 and 2), has revolutionized transportation on these islands. The previous 60-minute boat ride from Imja-myeon to Jido-eup has been transformed into a mere five-minute car ride, significantly enhancing the ease of travel for both residents and visitors alike.

Imja Bridge stands as a testament to remarkable engineering, linking the Shinan-gun's Imja-myeon with the mainland (Imja Bridge 1, 750m) and the mainland with Jido-eup (Imja Bridge 2, 1,135m). Commencing in October 2013, the construction concluded successfully after a span of seven years and six months.

Employed in the construction of Imja Bridge were POSCO's high-performance steel plates (HSB600) and steel wires of 2,360MPa strength, capable of withstanding 23 tons per cm2 (equivalent to the weight of about 15 mid-sized cars). Consequently, an impressive 15% reduction in steel plates and an 18% reduction in wire rods were achieved while assuring optimal strength.

POSCO E&C bolstered the bridge's durability by implementing a steel composite Edge-I girder. This cutting-edge design supports the bridge's load by synthesizing steel and high-strength concrete, a strategy evolved through technical analysis and wind vibration tests.

The successful execution of the Imja Bridge project has solidified POSCO E&C's leadership in maritime bridge design and construction technology. For its significant contributions to the advancement of the steel structure industry, the company was honored with the Work Award at the Academic Conference of the Korea Society of Steel Construction in June 2021.


  • Period
    2013.10 - 2021.03
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Iksan Regional Land Management Office
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    - Total length L=4.99km (two-way two lanes)
    (2 drawbridges: L=1,885m, 3 intersections)
  • Location
    Imja-myeon, Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do

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