Argentina Brine Lithium Phase 1 Project

Construction of Lithium Extraction Plants Based on Argentine Salt Lake

POSCO Argentina S.A.U has successfully acquired a salt lake in the Hombre Muerto region of Argentina, launching a project that will produce 25,000 tons of lithium hydroxide annually. This accomplishment is made possible by establishing an upper process plant to produce lithium phosphate from the salt lake at a site with an altitude of 4000m and constructing a lower process for lithium hydroxide production within the industrial complex of SALTA Guemes.  

POSCO E&C has undertaken a comprehensive EPC initiative, spanning from the design and provision of equipment for raw material input, through the production process, to the establishment of automated product warehouses and associated facilities.  

POSCO Argentina S.A.U is in the process of executing the second phase of the project, with a goal to finalize by June 2025 a new factory for producing an additional 25,000 tons of lithium carbonate annually. POSCO E&C is spearheading this factory setup, replicating the successful approach used in the first phase. 

【An Aerial View of Argentina Brine Lithium 1st Phase Upstream Process】


【An Aerial View of Argentina Brine Lithium 1st Phase Downstream Process】


  • Period
    2022.04 - 2024.04
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    POSCO Argentina S.A.U
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    Production of 25,000 tons/year of Lithium Hydroxide
  • Location
    (Upstream Process) Hombre Muerto Salt Flat, Salta, Northwestern Argentina (Downstream Process) Industrial Complex in Guemes, Salta, Northwestern Argentina

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