Yeouido Parc.1

Redefining the Yeouido Skyline, the Heart of South Korea

As a premier construction entity in South Korea, POSCO E&C has the ability to engineer skyscrapers that soar over 200 meters in height with over 50 floors, demonstrating a construction prowess that aligns with global standards. In particular, our accomplishments include the 101-story Haeundae LCT, the 69-story Yeouido Parc.1, and the 68-story POSCO Tower Songdo, all of which are outstanding demonstrations of POSCO E&C's technological strength, serving as regional landmarks.

Emerging as a quintessential landmark within Seoul's urban landscape, Yeouido Parc.1 stands as a testament to POSCO E&C's proficiency in executing super-tall building constructions, given our extensive track record.

With a towering height of 318 meters, Yeouido Parc.1, consisting of two office towers of 69 and 53 floors, a 30-story luxury hotel, and a department store, is the third tallest structure in the nation, displaying architectural magnificence.

The pillars of the Park One edifice, brainchild of globally recognized architect Richard Rogers, are painted in a distinct Korean red, and stand tall and straight against the sky, perfectly encapsulating the forward-looking spirit of Koreans. Moreover, the innovative façade design and understated landscape lighting enhance the city's architectural appeal, while the surrounding verdant space provides a welcoming environment for pedestrians and users alike.

POSCO E&C's dedicated workforce has left its imprint on every aspect of Yeouido Parc.1, solidifying its position as an exceptional example of urban high-rise architecture, serving as a vibrant space for the city.

  • Period
    2017.01 - 2020.07
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    Y22 Financial Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Construction details
    Construction details
    - 7 basement levels - 69 above-ground floors
    * 2 office buildings, 1 shopping mall, 1 hotel
    - Building height: 333m
  • Location
    108, Yeouidaero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

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