LSP-L Site Development Project in Vietnam

Moved 6 million cubic meters of land in an area of 660,000 pyeong (approximately 2.18 million square meters) in Southeast Asia, where the rainy season lasts five months, within a period of two years. 

Our robust LSP project is the creation of Vietnam's largest petrochemical complex, designed for an annual output of 1.6 million tons of petrochemical raw materials. The LSP-L package, part of eight primary initiatives, covered the soft ground improvement for the petrochemical site development, building two breakwaters, 150,000m3 of a firefighting water reservoir, 10km of roads, and 9km of drainage channels. Our all-inclusive EPC LUMP SUM project delivered a wide array of construction operations.  

The intricate site development project was segmented into 13 sections, each with distinct milestones. Completion of these allowed commencement of the petrochemical plant site, signifying that our package formed the bedrock for the successful finalization of the entire LSP project.  

Over the span of 20 months, the work was carried out throughout Southeast Asia's lengthy rainy season. The execution involved a substantial area of 660,000 pyeong (roughly equivalent to 305 soccer fields) and involved relocating nine million cubic meters of land (the equivalent size of 16 of our Songdo headquarters buildings).  To achieve this, we established a well-coordinated strategy of round-the-clock work, organized by areas and methods, and involving a maximum daily workforce of 620 individuals and the operation of 360 pieces of equipment. The achievement of timely completion was a testament to the collaborative effort between our local partners and dedicated employees. Moreover, our commitment to rigorous safety management led to a significant accomplishment: 2.5 million hours of work without a single accident. 

  • Period
    2018.09 - 2021.09
  • Place of order
    Place of order
    Long Son Petrochemicals Co., LTD (100% investment by Thailand's SCG Company, hereafter referred to as LSP)
  • Construction details
    Construction details
  • Location
    Long Son, Ba Ria Vung tau, Vietnam (approx. 80km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City)

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