Environmental Management

POSCO E&C creates a cleaner Earth by preserving energy and carrying out eco-friendly smart construction.

Management Goal/Direction

Jointly with POSCO Group, POSCO E&C complies with the "POSCO Group Environmental Management Guideline." The environmental management guideline contains will to achieve sustainable development not only in production but also throughout the whole business activity.

Environmental Objective 2021

  • 01 Zero accident by abiding by core points
    in environmental management
  • 02 Zero violation
    of waste regulation
  • 03 Getting over 80 points
    in the environmental management activity level
Practical Strategies
  • Zero illegal waste treatment
  • Minimization of dust scattering
  • Removing the causal factors
    of environmental damage

Practice System (Environmental Management Plan for Each Stage of Construction)

실천체계 (건설 단계별 환경관리 방안)
  • Installation Stage
  • Purchase Stage
  • Construction Stage
  • Communication Stage
  • R&D
    • Development of eco-friendly method of construction
    • Development of eco-friendly technology using ICT
  • Design
    • Eco-friendly design
    • Preemptive prevention and reduction of environmental threatening elements
  • Purchase
    • Support for development of eco-friendly products by partners
    • Spreading green partnership
  • Construction
    • Eco-friendly field management
    • Focused control of environmental risks
  • Discharge
    • Operation of waste control system
    • Reduction of waste generation
  • Marketing
    • Contest for excellent cases and ideas of eco-friendly construction
    • Eco-friendly campaign


POSCO E&C develops new technologies and packages them to apply to the field in order to minimize major environmental issues of construction companies and lead the construction culture coexisting with the environment.

  • Dust scattering

    1. Installation of protection-against-dust cover and temporary dust layer
    2. Sprinkling water on the road at least once a day
    3. Installation of facilities for washing the wheels/sides of the construction vehicles

    Technology package (option)

    • Dry wheel-cleaning
    • Smart high-speed sprinkler
    • Particulate matter measurer and electronic signboard
    • Dust scattering restrainer
  • Noise and vibration

    1. Installation of fixed sound-absorbing walls
    2. Installation of movable air soundproof walls
    3. Installation and operation of noise measurer

    Technology package (option)

    • Insulation panel for dismantling aluminum form (patented)
    • Method to reduce the shock noise in dismantling aluminum form
    • Noise damage simulation
    • Noise analysis and soundproof technology
  • Wastewater

    1. Installation of silt protector
    2. Operation of grit chamber and settling tank
    3. Operation of wastewater treatment facility
    4. Operation of facilities for reducing non-point pollution source

    Technology package (option)

    • Technology of reusing wheel-washing water

Accumulated number of fields where technology package is applied

  • 10 2020
  • 14 2021
  • 22 2022
  • 30 2023



ISO 14001:2015

Biodiversity Conservation

POSCO E&C has stipulated a biodiversity conservation policy and is carrying out various activities to preserve biodiversity throughout the entire business process.

POSCO E&C Biodiversity Conservation Policy


Biodiversity loss is one of the greatest risks facing humanity, and the construction industry directly or indirectly affects biodiversity loss through anthropogenic changes to animal and plant habits. Accordingly, POSCO E&C recognizes its responsibility to conserve biodiversity and actively promotes various activities for biodiversity preservation throughout the entire project precess.

Practice guidelines

  • All executives and employees recognize the importance of biodiversity and practice it in our work.
  • We conduct environmental impact assessments according to the type and size of domestic and overseas business sites to investigate, analyze, and predict the impact on biodiversity to prepare and implement measures to minimize harmful effects.
  • The results of environmental impact assessments such as on endangered species and legally protected species are registered in the company's environmental management system and continuously monitored and managed.
  • We conduct activities for biodiversity conservation in collaboration with stakeholders such as local communities and NGOs.
  • We transparently disclose financial information related to natural capital in accordance with the recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), a consultative body for the disclosure of nature-related financial information.

Eco-Friendly Environmental Management System

POSCO E&C has established an environmental management system that meets the global standards by acquiring the ISO12001 certificate. We are additionally operating an eco-friendly environmental management system optimized for construction industry (POEMS: POSCO E&C Environmental Management System). The POEMS conducts planning, performance management, collection and analysis of environment data, and read trends in environmental laws. It is also used as the communication channel between the headquarters and the fields.

친환경 환경관리 시스템

Independent development of the nation’s first 3D simulation of construction noise

국내최초 공사소음 3D예측 시뮬레이션 자체 개발

POSCO E&C compensates for damage through simulation program when a noise damage occurs during a construction. We have developed the nation’s first 3D simulation of construction noise, which enables to estimate the noise damage within three days, which originally took two months. It evaluates the civil complaint risks upon order intake, decides how tall soundproof walls should be during construction, determines whether it should apply noise reducing methods, etc. As such, applying this technology facilitates the decision about installation of noise reducing facilities and prepares grounds for compensation for damage.

Acquisition of patent for insulation panel for reducing aluminum-form-dismantling noise and extended application of low noise construction methods

알폼 해체 소음 저감을 위한 차음판 특허 획득 및 저소음 공법 현장 확산 적용 특허증

In the process of dismantling the aluminum form used in the frame construction, there occurs thunder-like noise over 150 dB. POSCO E&C has developed a method to reduce the shock noise and obtained the patent for the method. We are making continuous improvements by combining the existing polycarbonate insulation panel with vinyl bubble mesh or securing the safety of workers and enhancing workability through the installation of a passage. In addition, we have set the standards for application of an adequate insulation panel and shock-reducing method considering the distance between the noise source and the damaged areas and the work conditions. Relevant videos are also made and distributed for field workers to easily understand such process.

Development of dry wheel-cleaning facility using L-shaped section steel

'ㄱ'자 형강을 사용한 차량용 건식세륜발판 개발

POSCO E&C has developed and is operating a dry wheel-cleaning facility using structural steel. Residual soil and water that can’t be removed solely by the wet wheel-washing, which is the legal standard, can be a major cause of civil complaints of the area adjacent to the construction field due to car and road pollution and ice formation in winter. Through dry wheel-cleaning facility, we are playing a role as an eco-friendly company that maintains clean environment for local residents and achieving zero law violation.

Development of unmanned high-speed sprinkler that can sprinkle water in various environments

'ㄱ'자 형강을 사용한 차량용 건식세륜발판 개발

Field workers find it difficult to follow the water sprinkling measures due to the issues such as frequent change of working locations, electricity leading-in, water supply, distribution of manpower, etc. Therefore, POSCO E&C has developed an unmanned high-speed sprinkler after deriving the idea from a sprinkler for agricultural use, discussing, and making a sample. The apparatus has many strengths as it can be installed in areas where electricity can be reached, operated unmanned, save water, sprinkle water to wide area, and is movable. It can be applied to various fields, including demolishing sites, roads, construction, and plant. The unmanned sprinkler became the winner of the Chairman Prize at the 16th Excellent Construction Environment Management Cases Contest, which was organized by the Korea Environment Construction Association and sponsored by The National Assembly Environment & Labor Committee, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Korea Environment Corporation.

Application of eco-friendly dust restrainer that does no harm to environment

환경에 무해한 친환경 먼지억제제 적용

These days, people’s interest in harmfulness of particulate matter is rising, and the number of civil complaints over dust scattering in construction fields is increasing. The existing particulate matter restrainer is a synthetic chemical compound made up of oil, sugar, and salts, which was not certified through an environmental test. It is because the substance requires use of various additives which leads to generation of VOCs. Furthermore, its biodegradability is low, which has negative impacts on the environment including water pollution and spontaneous combustion. Thus, POSCO E&C has developed eco-friendly dust restrainer and dust scattering reducer to minimize the environmental effect and reduce major dust to decrease the air pollutant emission.

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