Composition of Board of Directors

POSCO E&C's board of directors consists of two executive directors and three other non-executive directors. The expertise of board of directors has been secured through the appointment of experts in each field, and two of the non-executive directors are appointed by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), enhancing transparency and independence of the board of directors' decision-making process.

Classification Name Career History
Executive Director Sung-hee Han Current president of POSCO E&C, former vice president of POSCO
DUK-il Yoon Current head of POSCO E&C's business planning division, former head of POSCO's finance department
Other Managing Directors Joo Tae Lee Current head of POSCO’s purchasing and investment division, former head of POSCO’s business strategy department
Ahmed A.Al-Subaey Current Saudi Aramco Vice President
Jacobo F.Solis Current PIF Senior Vice President

Our Shareholders

The shareholders ratio of POSCO E&C is comprised of 52.8% of POSCO, the largest shareholder, 38% of The Saudi Asian Investment Company*, 2.1% of Pohang University of Science and Technology, and 7.1% of employee stock and minority shareholders.

* The Saudi Asian Investment Company: 100% subsidiary of PIF
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