Composition of Board of Directors

POSCO E&C's board of directors consists of three executive directors and three other non-executive directors. The expertise of board of directors has been secured through the appointment of experts in each field, and two of the non-executive directors are appointed by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), enhancing transparency and independence of the board of directors' decision-making process.

Classification Name Career History
Executive Director Jung-Son Chon Current CEO of POSCO E&C, Former CEO of POSCO Holdings
Hwon-Woo Jeong Current Head of POSCO E&C’s Safety & Health center, Former Head of Safety Planning Division of POSCO
Won-Hee Kim Current CFO of POSCO E&C, Former Head of Energy Strategic Planning and Support Division of POSCO International
Other Managing Directors Ki-Seop Jeong Current CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) of POSCO HOLDINGS, Former CEO of POSCO Energy
Ahmed A.Al-Subaey Current CEO of Bahri, Former Vice President of Aramco
Jacobo F.Solis Current PIF Director

Our Shareholders

The shareholders ratio of POSCO E&C is comprised of 52.8% of POSCO HOLDINGS, the largest shareholder, 38% of The Saudi Asian Investment Company*, 2.1% of Pohang University of Science and Technology, and 7.1% of employee stock and minority shareholders.

* The Saudi Asian Investment Company: 100% subsidiary of PIF
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