Quality Management

We enhance customer satisfaction by realizing zero defects and zero complaints.
We guarantee that there is no regret in choosing POSCO E&C through our quality management.

Quality Management Policy

Based on the management philosophy, "Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together," POSCO E&C operates a quality management system that meets global standards and customers’ requirements over all business areas and make continuous improvements.

1. We provide the best products and services through communication and empathy with customers.
2. We attain the best product quality through ceaseless changes and innovations.
3. We secure sustainable quality competitive edge by contributing to creating value of business partners.

By executing the aforementioned quality management policy, all executives and staff members of POSCO E&C contributes to making a better world and creating greater corporate values.

Quality Management System

품질경영체계 품질경영체계

Major quality activities according to PDCA for quality management


[Company-wide] Establishment of company-wide standard system including quality management manual, process and guideline

[전사] 품질경영매뉴얼, 프로세스, 지침서 등 전사 업무표준체계 구축

Able to quickly and amicably resolve disputes between the field and partners through company-wide decision-making
- Establishment of win-win cooperation procedure regarding dispute settlement
- Partners are able to directly apply for dispute settlement in case of a conflict

[By project] Establishment of ISO9001 Quality Management System-based Quality Management Plan​

[프로젝트별] ISO9001 품질경영시스템 기반의 품질관리계획 수립

We have established a quality management plan reflecting the ISO9001 quality management requirements and characteristics of our projects to execute a process-based project management.


[Company-wide] Usage of digital-based project quality management platform

Digital 기반의 프로젝트 품질관리 플랫폼 활용

We have digitalized paper quality documents to reduce inefficient works and have been operating the “integrated quality management system” to maximize the cooperation in quality management between the headquarters and the fields. We have also developed the first-in-the-field “AI quality management system” applying big data quality management methods to use defect information accumulated for 20 years in defect-preventing activities.

[By project] Implementing activities for enhancing worker competencies​

근로자역량 향상활동 실시​

We provide employees with quality standards education with one-point quality coursebook (in six languages) for Korean and foreign workers.


[Company-wide] Being the first construction company to check quality with cutting-edge diagnostic devices

건설사 최초 첨단검사장비를 활용한 품질진단 실시

We diagnose the construction quality using the cutting-edge diagnostic devices, such as the thermal imaging cameras and rebar detectors, to build credibility among residents and minimize defects and share the information with customers. We also check the quality of structure with professional devices including ground penetrating radar (GPR) and vibrograph for satisfaction of the orderer and supervisor.

[By project] Self quality inspection (P-SQI) and step-by-step quality test​

자체품질점검(P-SQI) 및 단계별 품질검사

In the course of construction, we conduct a regular joint inspection (P-SQI) with our partners to secure the construction quality. Every time the sectoral construction is finished, a quality inspection is carried out to secure the quality performance.


[Company-wide] Partners participatory quality improvement activity for shared growth

동반성장을 위한 협력사 참여형 품질개선 활동

Major defect information by vulnerable construction areas extracted through big data analysis is provided to partners. For fundamental prevention of defects, we are drawing and applying a joint improvement plan for enhancing quality and shared growth.

[By project] Self-regulating quality improvement and internal audits

자율품질개선 및 내부심사

For the parts where defects are expected in the construction, a mobile self-regulating quality improvement (NCR) application is used to check the states of improvement. Regular internal audits are conducted for continuous improvement of quality system established for each project.

Quality certificates

Quality management certificate

We are operating the quality management system according to ISO9001 issued by the International Organization for Standardization. Since 1996, the effectiveness of our certificate has been checked regularly by the certification agency.

  • 전사 전 분야 (국문)
    All areas of the business (Korean)
  • 전사 전 분야 (영문)
    All areas of the business (English)
  • 전사 전 분야 (Singapore)
    All areas of the business (Singapore)

Certificate of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

We have earned the ASME's certificate which guarantees our qualification for construction and production of nuclear plant facilities, as well as design, construction and repair of thermal power boiler and power plumbing (NBBI).

  • ASME-S
  • NBBI-R

Certificate of Korea Electric Power Industry Code (KEPIC)

We have earned KEPIC’s certificate which guarantees our qualification for design and construction of nuclear plant facilities.

  • 원자력-설계
  • 원자력-기계
  • 원자력-구조
  • 원자력-공조

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