Safety Management

All the employees should work safely in all worksites.
We protect the safety and happiness of our employees with the mindset of not letting in even a tiny mistake.

Health Management Policy

POSCO E&C considers everyone’s "safety" and "health" as the primary value in the management of the company. All executives and staff members actively practice what is described below.

  • The CEO continues to state the will to settle the safety and health culture and take the initiative.
  • The goals and value of safety and health are shared with the management, employees, subcontractor, and workers at all times.
  • A safe and healthy work environment is secured in every stage of business execution.
  • Risks in safety and health are regularly identified in advance and measures are taken.
  • The safety and health work process is regularly checked and improved.
  • The rights for proposal and discussion of employees on safety and health are guaranteed.

Health Management System

The safety and health management system of POSCO E&C is a world-level, systematic system where the optimized autonomic safety and health system can be implemented. It continually complements and improves the process of planning, practice, inspection, and measure based on the safety management policy of the CEO.

안전보건경영체계 안전보건경영체계

Major System

System for Preemptive Control of Unsafe Action

POSCO E&C has been conducting the “system for preemptive control of unsafe action” since July 1, 2020. This is to prevent serious accidents by preemptively controlling three major types of accidents—falling, dropping, and collision—and block the risks of accidents in advance through expanding the participation of subcontractor in safety activities.

POSCO E&C has selected eight detailed items for the three types of accidents for a concentrated management. If any action is violated, immediate supplement and education are provided and the case is registered in our system for further monitoring. We have divided six steps of measures for subcontractor according to how many times they have improved the violation and take measures accordingly. As such, POSCO E&C is making an environment where all managers in the field can take part in the system and workers can work safely.

불안전행동 선행관리 제도

Relevant Items for System for Preemptive Control of Unsafe Action

Relevant Items for System for Preemptive Control of Unsafe Action

Category Content Detailed Case
Falling Failure to buckle safety belt
  1. Failure to buckle safety belt while working higher than 2 meters above the ground
  2. Failure to buckle safety belt by a driver of construction Equipment on the slope
Dropping Lifting
  1. Approach of an worker (a signalman) within the danger circle around 1.5 meters above the ground when loads are lifted
  2. Approach of an worker (a signalman) within the danger circle below 3 meters above the ground when loads are falling
    If one is approaching for the use of dragrope, he/she should step backwards after grabbing the rope.
Measures for preventing overturning of construction machinery
  1. Defective installation of outrigger (short lead, imbalance)
  2. Defective installation of outrigger support on soft ground
Collision Loading and unloading of materials
  1. Approach of an worker within the danger circle in the blind spot of a equipment driver driving forward/backward
  2. Approach of an worker within the danger circle of collision where materials can be overturned or dropped

Standard Safety Activity Cycle

POSCO E&C’s unique standard safety activity cycle to clarify the roles of each activity subject and reinforce the safety activity practice by employees of all positions.
It strengthens and standardizes the connectivity of daily safety activities among all field workers.

during the standard safety activity time


  • 01 Safety morning meeting and M.O.S TBM by working team
  • 02 Checking the field safety state by all the employees and subcontractor
  • 03 Operation of responsibility sharing system
  • 04 Lunch and rest
  • 05 Afternoon M.O.S TBM by subcontractor and work groups
  • 06 Checking the field safety state by all the employees and subcontractor
  • 07 Operation of responsibility sharing system
  • 08 Autonomous patrol of the project managers of subcontractor
  • 09 Checking the field safety state before finishing the work and daily meeting


ISO 45001

POSCO E&C became the first company in Korea to earn ISO45001,
the global standard of safety and health management system, in July 2018. It is focusing on operating a sustainable safety and health management system.


Top executives Field-Focused Safety Management Activity

POSCO E&C’s top executives visit the fields firsthand and check the results of safety inspection in order to settle responsible safety culture and execute the safety-first value. For instance, Top executives pay a visit to the construction sites on a regular basis, checks any possible danger factors, requires corrective measures, and receives reports on improvements within a week.

Process of Field Inspection for Preventing Accidents

  • STEP 1

    Prior inspection
    (Safety & Health Center)

  • STEP 2

    Field patrol by management

  • STEP 3

    State briefing

  • STEP 4

    General evaluation

  • STEP 5

    Report of improvement results
    (within a week)

Safety Issue Report Channel & Veto on Dangerous Works by Subcontractor

POSCO E&C operates the channel for safety issue report and guarantees the "veto on dangerous works" in order to secure safe work environment of workers.

When workers witness an unsafe condition in the field, required to carry out a dangerous work, or have a good idea to prevent serious accidents, they can anonymously report through "Safety Issue Report Channel."

In addition, if they are directed to work in an unsafe field, they can exercise their veto. When they are curbed to use the rights, they can report it to the Safety Issue Report Channel as well.

협력사 안전신문고 & 위험작업 거부권 운영

Integrated Smart Safety Solution

POSCO E&C strives to meet the demands of society on safety management environment. We utilize ICT technology to systematically manage blind spots that are easy to be overlooked in order to achieve zero serious accidents.

Integrated Smart Safety Solution Integrated Smart Safety Solution

Detailed Cases of Integrated Smart Safety Solution

  • Face recognition system
    • Registration of all workers at the working field
    • Recognition of wearing safety helmet, system for real-time registration of access and smartphone confirmation
  • Smart bulletin board system
    • Sending notices on a large LED bulletin board
    • Checking worker/equipment access status, weather, and work information in real time
  • Management of openings
    • Sensor to detect shielding installed in openings with risks of falling
    • On-site alarming for an arbitrary opening/closing of an opening
  • Smart video broadcasting
    • On-site real-time monitoring without blind spots with mobile smart video equipment using wireless AP
  • Hoist safety management
    • Real-time monitoring and communication through video equipment in the hoist
    • Interactive alarm and emergency announcement broadcast when problems occur
  • Gas leak detection system in confined areas
    • Installation of gas detection sensor in confined areas and alarm transmission
    • Ventilation fan automatically operated to bring in outside air and maintain proper air when an abnormality is detected
  • Tower crane video/broadcast
    • Real-time control through CCTV installed on tower crane
    • Rapid message dissemination through airing throughout the construction field with tower crane broadcasting
  • Vehicle management system
    • Real-time labor attendant management for entering and leaving vehicles at the field
    • Data logging through real-time registration of equipment entry/exit, as well as collection and analysis of quantity information

Installation of CCTV Without Blind Spots

POSCO E&C is working hard to establish countermeasures to prevent recurrence of safety accidents by strengthening safety management in on-site blind areas and identifying their causes.

Since 2012, we have been supporting the monitoring of on-site safety in real time using on-site CCTV for the first time in the construction industry in Korea. As a result of our ongoing efforts in conjunction with social distancing due to COVID-19, CCTVs have been installed at every necessary spots and managed in real time to prevent blind spots from occurring at all sites. In particular, moving cameras have been established for high-risk works. In addition, by distributing portable bodycams to individual field workers and encouraging them to use them, we are creating an atmosphere in which on-site safety activities can be prioritized.

사각지역 없는 CCTV 설치

Support for the Establishment of an Autonomous Safety System for Subcontractor.

POSCO E&C supports the establishment of an autonomous safety system so that subcontractor can secure "self-contained safety management capabilities."

The safety mind enhancement education, which was conducted for subcontractor at the early stage of construction and disaster-causing subcontractor, now involves the "Education Certification System for subcontractor." Only managers who completed the training are allowed to access to the field, contributing to the improvement of the level of supervisors.

Safety is an important value that both POSCO E&C and its subcontractor must uphold. POSCO E&C will continue supporting subcontractor to build their autonomous safety systems and put the value of safety first together.

협력사 자율안전 체계 구축 지원

Safety Suggestion System Participated by All Executives and Staff Members

POSCO E&C is operating the “safety suggestion system” where novel ideas of executives and staff members can be discovered and applied in preventing safety accidents in the construction fields.

Any ideas that are helpful for preventing safety accidents can be suggested, including those on raising safety awareness, design improvement, and safety facility improvement. POSCO E&C is encouraging employees to participate by rewarding on each step, including making suggestion, being adopted, and being applied. A total of 3,675 ideas were suggested in the suggestion period in 2020, and 14 among them were selected as excellent ideas.

Excellent suggestions are actively applied in the field to make safe working place together with executives and staff members.

임직원이 참여하는 안전제안제도

Making PR videos to prevent safety incidents, holding a UCC contest

To keep construction sites safe and accident-free and to promote safety awareness for site staff and workers, POSCO E&C is creating and presenting PR videos, thereby establishing a voluntary safety management culture.

Moreover, by holding a UCC contest for construction sites and sharing potential risks on site, workers are made aware of them.

Ep.1 : Accident prevention tips for zero accidents by Seo Kyung-seok

#[댓글 EVENT!!] 서경석이 알려주는 중대재해 Zero를 위한 안전사고예방 홍보영상

Ep.2 : 2021 2H POSCO E&C Safety UCC Contest Grand Prize : Unanswered questions about gang form.

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