Social Contribution

POSCO E&C actively participates in solving local community issues with the aim of creating a better world.


    4 Initiatives

    • 01

      Improving the residential environment and ensuring the safety of the underprivileged

    • 02

      Developing future generations

    • 03

      Solving social issues related to unemployment and multicultural families

    • 04

      Conserving the environment

    Volunteer Groups

    Talent donation volunteer groups

    POSCO E&C operates 35 volunteer groups comprised of employees who are willing to donate their talents based on their knowledge, skills, and experience.

    • Education and mentoring

      Construction education volunteer group
      Group study volunteer group
      Little PM volunteer group
      University student mentoring volunteer group
      Startup support volunteer group
      Legal support volunteer group, and more

    • Culture and arts

      Volunteer group of newsreaders
      Volunteer group of choirs
      Volunteer group of bands
      Cooking volunteer group, and more

    • Improvement of residential environment

      Safety keeper volunteer group
      House repair volunteer group
      Safety volunteer group
      Electrical repair volunteer group, and more

    • Environment

      Clean ocean volunteer group
      Wall painting volunteer group, and more

    Public-Private Cooperation

    POSCO E&C communicates with its stakeholders to discover social issues and suggest solutions based on partnerships. In this regard, we engage in a wide variety of projects through collective impact, a practice of collaborating with different sectors to solve complicated social issues. We plan and monitor the operation of cooperation with government agencies, local governments, and non-profit organizations and correct rooms for improvement that were identified through evaluation sessions. Ultimately, we aim for the effective resolution of issues arising from local communities.

    Public-Private Cooperation

    Category Organization Project details Year of contract
    Government agencies,
    local governments,
    and relevant local organizations
    Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Education on IT and Korean culture overseas children and adolescents and cultural festivals 2012
    Korea Coast Guard 6 projects for preventing marine pollution, including clean ocean volunteer program 2020
    National Fire Agency Improvements in residential environment for fire prevention with 22 fire stations nationwide 2013
    Jungbu Regional Employment and Labor Office Job mentoring for university students and construction education 2019
    Incheon Metropolitan City One&One activities for Incheon regional children's centers and mentoring for the startup of youths 2010
    Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education Construction education for middle school students 2016
    Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Skilled construction worker training program for youths in Bangladesh 2021
    Incheon Facilities Corporation Revitalization of parks in Songdo International Business District 2015
    Medical institution Inha University Hospital Overseas medical support 2011
    NPOs Korean Red Cross Blood donation 2006
  • Improving the Residential Environment and Ensuring the Safety of the Underprivileged

    Improvements in residential environment for fire prevention

    • 251 households Home repairs
    • 63 areas Installation of fire extinguishers
    • 2,282 households Installation of basic fire prevention devices

    Since 2013, POSCO E&C has been working with the National Fire Agency for nine years with goals to improve the residential environment of the underprivileged and prevent fire accidents. Our employees in the sites nationwide and regional firefighters formed a House of Hope Volunteer Group to visit households that are exposed to fire risks within the region. The group performs necessary repairs and installs fire prevention devices. Each year, over 10 of our sites and fire stations participate in installing fire safety kits consisted of smoke alarms, heat detectors, and powder fire extinguishers in the vulnerable households. We also replace old electric switchboards, electric wires, wallpapers, and floor coverings with new ones. We engage in these activities for the better lives of residents and the development of local communities.

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    Safety keeper activities for seniors

    For the first time among local construction companies, POSCO E&C project sites and fire stations are jointly carrying out safety activities in connection with a 119 safety call system to prevent accidents that may occur to senior citizens. In 2021, 15 of our sites and 12 fire stations are conducting daily safety education for 700 senior citizens and distributing safety supplies, such as wristbands that are linked to the 119 safety call system and anti-slip mats.

    Eco Dream project

    • To improve its social impact, POSCO E&C promotes Collective Impact Design (CID) projects along with the POSCO Group affiliates. Eco Dream project, participated by POSCO A&C, POSCO O&M, and POSCO ENERGY, aims to improve the residential environment of those who lack access to energy. We install energy-saving systems in their homes, thus encouraging their self-reliance and contributing to carbon reduction. In addition, we replace old fire doors and shutters in schools for the disabled to prevent the spread of fire and thus secure the safety of students.

    Wall painting activities

    As part of its project in improving the environments of deprived regions, more than 60 employees of POSCO E&C volunteered to decorate Baedari Village in Dong-gu, Incheon. They used a trick-art method to paint a bookshelf filled with books on a stairway in the village to represent the Old Book Street, the symbol of Incheon. The wall painting volunteer group also refurbished an old dog shelter located in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do. They engaged in renovating the interior, installing fences outside, and decorating the exterior with wall paintings of animals, adding vibrance and friendliness to the shelter.

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    Developing Future Generations

    One&One activities for Incheon regional children’s centers

    • Number of children supported in Incheon regional children’s centers Over 12,070 Accumulated data of 10 years

    It has been ten years since POSCO E&C engaged in one-on-one affiliation (One&One) between more than 30 of its departments and children’s centers in Incheon. One&One activities include teaching school subjects, enjoying fun activities with the children, repairing old bathrooms and kitchens that require hygiene, and installing fire-retardant wallpapers for fire safety. We also hold counseling sessions for the emotional care of children, considering the intensifying social issue of child abuse. Through our arts, music, and play programs, we intend to enhance the children’s expression skills, self-esteem, and social skills with peers using their different senses. We will continuously support the healthy growth of children.

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    Dream Tree Scholarships for teenagers

    • Dream Tree Scholarships for teenagers KRW 2.82 million 314 students from 2012 to 2021, cumulative
    • Since 2012, as part of developing our future generation, POSCO E&C has been providing Dream Tree Scholarships for the teenagers of low-income families to back their learning activities. In 2021, we gave out scholarships of KRW 30 million in total to 35 students in Incheon and Pohang, aiming to support their dreams and hopes.

    Music program for elementary school students in need of care

    POSCO E&C operates a music program for elementary school students from the underprivileged of the community, including single-parent and multicultural families, who need care. We teach them how to play the ukulele, kalimba, and other musical instruments and provide them opportunities to develop their musical skills. Once the program is over, we donate the musical instruments to the school, so that the school can continue the program as an after-school class.

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    Construction education for middle school students

    Since 2016, POSCO E&C has been offering construction education to encourage adolescents to explore their dreams. Our employees and university student volunteer group make a visit to middle schools and give lectures on the basics of construction and share their vivid experiences in construction work. As of 2020, over 13,000 students of Incheon and other regions near our construction sites have participated in this program.

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    Support for children and adolescents in Group Homes

    • POSCO E&C engages in relieving the achievement gap in education and emotional care for children and adolescents in Group Homes of Incheon. Our talent donation volunteer groups and university student volunteer group contribute to supporting the holistic development of children and adolescents. They teach English, mathematics, and drone operation, as well as emotional care activities, such as life mentoring and conducting psychological tests. We also participate in the Do Dream project with POSCO Group to support the employment and social adjustment of youths discharged from care facilities.

    Happy Builder, a university student volunteer group

    In 2011, POSCO E&C launched Happy Builder, a volunteer group of university students, for the first time among the domestic construction companies to nurture develop global leaders of sharing. The program has been participated by 441 students so far. In 2020, we operated the 10th Happy Builder under the slogan of “Shape the World with Your Talent.” The 10th batch participated in improving the residential environment for fire prevention, the construction education for middle school students, and the production of cultural and educational online contents of Korea for Vietnamese students. Also in the same year, we hired a new employee who was a former volunteer of Happy Builder. It was our first achievement of having the operation of Happy Builder lead to employment in our company.

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    Solving Social Issues related to Unemployment and Multicultural Families

    Developing youths in Bangladesh as skilled construction workers

    • a mobile application for skilled construction workers to train the youths in Bangladesh

    With a goal to support the self-reliance of youths in developing countries and create jobs in such regions, POSCO E&C have been operating vocational training centers that teach basic construction work, including masonry and carpentry, for youths in Myanmar, Indonesia, and other regions where our overseas sites are situated. In 2020, we developed a mobile application for skilled construction workers to train the youths in Bangladesh. 160 youths of the Matarbari region, Bangladesh participated in the training; 67 among them were acknowledged for their outstanding performance and thus were hired for the Matarbari site of POSCO E&C. In 2021, the killed construction worker training program for youths in Matarbari was selected as an Inclusive Business Solution (IBS) program of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for the first time among construction companies. We plan to offer online courses for the program to 500 youths in Matarbari, Bangladesh until 2022 and recruit over 300 trainees for our sites.

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    Job mentoring for youths

    POSCO E&C has been operating a job mentoring program for university students since 2019. We partnered with Jungbu Regional Employment and Labor Office as part of our effort to solve youth unemployment and offer education for youths on designing their future and exploring their jobs. We also strive to provide support to conscripted police officers working at the Korea Coast Guard for their reintegration into society. We held a job mentoring session for the conscripted officers in 2021, where our recruitment manager shared tips on writing job applications and taking job interviews. We also had small mentoring groups to share knowledge in architectural design, civil engineering, plant engineering, R&D, and management planning, as well as other practical know-how for getting jobs.

    Support for the startup of youths in the construction field

    POSCO E&C’s startup support program aims to solve youth unemployment. By combining the construction technology required by the company with the company’s needs and the needs of future entrepreneurs who wish to make commercialization simpler, we held two startup competitions for the field of next-generation construction. We provided a mentoring program led by our employees and selected the most outstanding team from the final presentation. Winners were awarded and granted an office space at the incubation center. In 2021, we plan to give the youths opportunities to participate in technological cooperation contests for resolving ESG and site needs, which was held together with our subcontractors. The youths will be provided with upgraded mentoring programs, and excellent proposals with feasibility will be compensated with practical rewards.

    Medical support and legal consultations for foreign site workers

    POSCO E&C offers free medical support and legal consultations for foreign workers who are in welfare blind spots due to financial difficulties and language barriers. We partnered with medical staff from the Seonhan Medical Forum and Korea Foundation for International Healthcare to provide assistance to over 100 workers of the Incheon Sipjeong Site 2. The assistance programs covered treatment and medication for ten medical departments, including internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, and dermatology, and health checkups on eight fields, which include ultrasound, bone density, and electrocardiogram. The legal department of POSCO E&C also volunteered to listen to the grievances of foreign workers in relation to immigration, labor relations, and loans to contribute to creating a stable work environment.

    Support for multicultural families in getting a driver’s license

    • POSCO E&C has been operating a website for driving education since 2011 to assist multicultural families in getting their driver’s licenses. The platform offers video lectures for the written exam and driving test in ten different languages, including Japanese and Chinese. Through efficient utilization of the platform, we support the employment and stability of multicultural families.

    Protecting the Environment

    Idea contest for preventing marine pollution

    • Since the signing of MoU with the Korea Coast Guard in November 2020, POSCO E&C has been engaging in various projects to protect the marine environment. To encourage public participation in our engagement, we held the first idea contest ‘사랑海 바다SEA’ for preventing marine pollution and received a total of 288 entries. The winning work will undergo consulting and idea development processes to implement the idea in our 2022 policy.

      Contest categories
      • Prevent illegal oil discharges from vessels and marine facilities
      • Practice carbon neutrality at work and home
      • Keep the sea trash-free

    Campaign for raising public awareness of prevention marine pollution

    POSCO E&C holds a campaign to raise public awareness of prevention marine pollution. To deliver the gravity of marine pollution and induce public interest in keeping the marine environment clean, we uploaded a promotional video on POSCO E&C’s official YouTube channel. In the video, President & CEO Han Sung-Hee of POSCO E&C, and Commissioner General Kim Hong-hee of Korea Coast Guard stressed the importance of public interest and participation in reducing waste in our everyday lives to maintain a clean marine environment.

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    Clean ocean volunteer program

    POSCO E&C and the Korea Coast Guard jointly launched a “clean ocean volunteer program” for engaging in environmental conservation activities in four coastal regions of Korea, namely Incheon, Samcheok, Ulsan, and Saemangeum Embankment. In June 2021, in cooperation with the Incheon Coast Guard, we conducted coast cleanup activities in the Sorae Port area of Incheon. More than 80 volunteers, including POSCO E&C employees, joined the program. Aside from manpower, heavy equipment, such as excavators, forklifts, and dump trucks, was brought into the area to collect 40 tons of marine debris on mudflats and beaches. In addition, we donated an emergency preparedness storage to the Sorae Volunteer Marine Pollution Response Brigade, held a signboard hanging ceremony, and decorated the walls with murals. The storage will have oil fences, oil absorbents, and other supplies for handling marine disasters that can be freely used by fishermen.

  • 1% sharing program

    POSCO E&C employees participate in the 1% sharing program of POSCO Group by donating 1% of their salaries. The company also donates the same amount raised by employees for a year to the POSCO 1% Sharing Foundation in a matching grant method.

    The fund total of KRW 1.2 billion raised by the employees together with the company’s matching funds in 2020 is being used for carrying out One&One activities in Incheon regional children’s centers, construction education for middle school students, and the multicultural families in getting their driver's licenses, and so on. We also operate the Change My Town! program that encourages employees to propose and practice CSR ideas for resolving regional issues.

    1% 나눔 1% 나눔

    Talent Sharing

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    In 2015, POSCO E&C launched talent donation volunteer groups to engage in a variety of volunteer activities built upon the knowledge, skills, and experience of employees. In 2020, we operated 35 groups (940 volunteers), and all executives participated as advisors to offer their support. Aside from donating their talents in improving the residential environment, drone education, and mentoring for designing future, the volunteer groups are engaged in 12 different areas to enhance the safety of senior citizens and care for the underprivileged across the nation.

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