Environmental Value

We lead in carbon reduction throughout all construction processes and Zero Energy Building (ZEB) construction.
We create environmental value by enhancing eco-friendly architectural certification systems.

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Achieving phased carbon reduction targets, realizing
a carbon-neutral society

To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we implement carbon emission reduction measures at each construction phase,
promoting systematic carbon reduction.

환경적 가치 환경적 가치
Carbon Emission Reduction Targets
  • Development/purchase of low-carbon, eco-friendly materials like PosMent

  • Expansion of low-carbon methods such as Prefabrication

  • Transition of building/equipment power consumption to renewable energy

  • Minimization of waste and expansion of resource recycling

Leading eco-friendly construction by establishing a carbon-neutral
construction model, expanding the use of resource circulated materials

We establish optimized design models for Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB) by region and collaborate in improving the domestic 'Green Standard for Energy and Environmental Design.'

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