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Happiness and Safety

POSCO E&C pursues the happiness of employees
in a pleasant work environment.

Our goal is to grow into a refined global corporate citizen, and the foundation for this goal starts with the happiness of employees. Streamlined communication and building positive relationships with colleagues are crucial factors in terms of employee happiness. These are also extremely important when striving for the continuous growth of the company and the advancement of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

We are a company
that delivers happiness for all

POSCO E&C builds an environment in which employees can work creatively and adventurously by forming psychological safety within the organization. We pursue a satisfying corporate culture where employees and the company can grow together.

P-GWP 점수 (점) P-GWP 점수 (점)

POSCO E&C conducts the annual POSCO-Great Work Place survey (P-GWP) targeting all employees. Through a comprehensive analysis of employees’ satisfaction levels in terms of leadership, how they work, and work environment, we make improvements and establish a system and culture where employees can experience psychological safety at work.

임직원 참여율 (%) 임직원 참여율 (%)

The 2020 P-GWP survey showed a three-point increase compared to the previous year with a total survey score of 84 out of 100 points. The following are viewed to be the cause for the increase of points: improvements in the way they work, enhanced work and life balance, good leadership of executives, and strengthened and sincere communication with Millennial employees.

Open Communication

  • Regular suggestions
    made by employee representatives

    The labor and management representatives communicate with the employees through the Labor and Management Council held regularly, and the Young Board, which comprises employees from Generation MZ, suggests new ideas to the management for the company’s sustainable growth.

  • Town hall meetings
    per division

    Town hall meetings are where executives collect anonymous opinions through a live broadcast to establish ground rules within divisions and heighten the level of trust between employees.

Culture of positivity and appreciation

  • Compliment coupon system

    A system in which the president and division heads select excellent employees and the office heads and PDs regularly reward employees for meritorious deeds and profitable results.

  • Operation of diverse reward systems
    • The president and division heads give awards for meritorious deeds.
    • Office heads and PDs regularly reward excellent employees.

Site-focused Management

  • Favorable consideration in employee evaluation
    promotion for those who served in remote sites

    Favorable consideration for expanding the distribution ratio of evaluation and promotion

  • Project completion ceremony
    and commendation

    Gratitude and encouragement are shown on-site employees through plaques of appreciation and compliment coupons and announcing project completion

  • Various communication channels
    for on-site employees

    Online meetings held to solve the grievances of on-site employees, Thanks Delivery program that delivers gifts and messages of gratitude by staff members to on-site employees

Gender equality and protection of motherhood

가족친화 우수기업

A certified family-friendly company

The Best Family Friendly Management certification of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family certifies businesses with notable family-friendly policies in relation to childbirth, childcare support, flextime system, and so forth.

  • Improved policies
    for raising low birthrates
    • Leave for prenatal tests
    • Fertility treatment leave
    • Shortened working hours for employees with young children
  • Expanded cash reward
    for childbirth
    • First child: KRW 1 million
    • Second child: KRW 5 million
  • Work-from-home
    for parents with young children

    Employees with 8-year-old children or younger may choose to fully or partially work at home

  • Extended period
    of parental leave

    Extended from 1 year to 2 years

Emotional care

  • Family-friendly activities
    • Operation of in-house daycare centers
    • Financial support for the physical checkups of employees’ spouses
    • Tuition fee support for employees’ children
    • Support for gifts in Family Month and the operation of Welfare Mall
    • Holiday gifts and other useful items with CEO’s message for the families of employees working abroad
  • Therapeutic counseling program

    A program to support not only our employees but also the family members of employees working abroad

  • On-site overseas medical support

    Contact-less medical consultation at overseas sites with poor medical benefits and operation of air ambulance for emergencies

Growth support

  • Support for personal development

    Employees can use up to KRW 2.4 million per year for purchasing online lectures or books related to their jobs, language studies, IT, or health.

    Growth coaching program
    • We encourage the growth and motivation of employees through regular communication between leaders and employees.
    • Employees can request for job rotations.
  • Operation of diverse programs inside and outside the company

    Employees are given opportunities for education inside the company, such as the e-Learning program, Construction Management Academy, junior MBA, and invitational lectures by experts. They can also request for participation in outside programs.

    Support for career as an expert technician

    We guarantee employees’ growth as field directors and technicians through the selection of experts/masters in each field.

Work & life balance and refresh leave

  • Quarter day-off

    2-hour leave

    Vacations for employees who served for long years

    Two-day leave for 10/20/30 years of service

  • Early dismissal on Fridays

    5:10 p.m. from Mondays to Thursdays
    4:20 p.m. on Fridays

    Resort rentals

    Pyeongchang Residence, Daemyung Resort, Hanwha Resort, etc.

  • Welfare card

    Benefited with KRW 1.3 million/year (also available in local currencies)

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