Special Story Race to Carbon Net-Zero;

our promise to preserve nature.

We commit to operating sustainably

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, a growing number of businesses and governments have been vowing to achieve carbon neutrality. Climate has become an overarching agenda reshaping the global economic landscape. At POSCO E&C, we see climate action as an imperative. To make sure our business is sustainable, we commit to our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

2050 Carbon Negative Roadmap

Our Commitment to 2050 Carbon Neutrality

To ensure organized and consistent response to climate change, we have developed a mid- to long term roadmap to net zero by 2050. Our business strategies incorporate targets and tasks for both the near-term and the mid- to long-term that will help us achieve the 2050 carbon net-zero ambition.

2021 2030 2040 2050
2050년 탄소중립 실현을 위한 포스코건설의 약속
  • 2021
    Developed net-zero strategies.

    Analyzed climate impact and defined strategies.
    • To establish a system of governance for climate response initiatives; to define the roles and responsibilities of relevant departments and launch the Carbon Neutrality Council
    • To monitor performance of low-carbon pilot projects at construction sites and buildings
    • To define mid- to long-term business strategies aligned with climate goals
    • To upgrade GHG emissions control system
    • To define emissions scope and targets across the value chain
    • To sign up to the Carbon Disclosure Project (first CDP score in 2022)
  • 2022~2030
    Develop and launch a low-carbon business scheme.

    Implement climate response strategies.
    • To join Korea RE100 (2022 onwards)
    • To deliver significant emissions savings through renewable energy projects (2025 onwards)
    • To enter global markets for GHG emissions reduction projects
    • To develop technologies to combat climate change to acquire more projects
    • To monitor and quantify emissions savings along the value chain; to track value chain emissions and set more ambitious goals
  • 2030~2050
    Become a top-tier construction company responding to climate change

    Lead the climate change market from competitive edges
    • Securing a leading position in low-carbon management and contributing to POSCO Group’s carbon neutrality
    • Leading domestic and overseas low-carbon businesses - Hydrogen infrastructure, smart water management, etc.
    • Leading the domestic zero-energy building market
    • Commercializing technologies related to climate change and securing market advantages
    • Contribution to carbon neutrality by major supply chains, customers and suppliers
Low-Carbon Business Strategies

Redevelop business model to lead the way to low-carbon future.

To stay ahead in the new climate regime, we will transition to a low-carbon business model based on our 1.5℃ scenario analysis to assess how we can get to that goal aligned to market change. Our business is guided by five objectives: to sharpen our competitive edge in existing businesses; to explore new sustainable business opportunities; to find business opportunities in a changing climate; to expand global presence; and to lead the future construction market. To achieve these goals, we will strengthen R&D capabilities in climate technologies and leverage green financing for low-carbon projects. By doing so, we will identify global business opportunities in climate response.

저탄소 비즈니스 전략

Make Existing Businesses
More Sustainable

  • Power generation

    Low-carbon power generation
    • Halt any new coal-fired power generation projects
    • Launch renewable projects, e.g., gas-to-power (using existing LNG terminals), fuel cell power generation
  • Infrastructure

    Climate response
    • Secure an early advantage in local and global water service markets, e.g., seawater desalination, smart water management
    • Promote organic waste recycling and launch waste-to-energy projects, e.g., biogas, waste heat
    • Improve aging infrastructure by applying climate adaptation techniques
  • Construction

    Energy efficiency improvement
    • Initiate zero-energy buildings and green remodeling projects
    • Support green construction projects
    • Develop smart and green industrial complexes and cities that incorporate cutting-edge digital technologies

Develop New
Sustainable Projects

  • Renewable energy

    Expand projects in Korea and abroad
    • Enter new offshore solar and wind markets
    • Increase emissions savings through global renewable projects and sell carbon credits
  • Hydrogen

    Develop low-carbon technology breakthroughs
    • Collaborate with POSCO to develop projects across the hydrogen value chain and gain an early market foothold
    • Build the necessary infrastructure for hydrogen projects, e.g., byproduct hydrogen, ammonia storage tanks
  • Rechargeable batteries

    Enhance engineering capabilities
    • •Exploit the captive market for battery materials, e.g, lithium, anode and cathode materials, by acquiring core technologies

Build Green Hydrogen Production Facilities and Infrastructure

To deliver the Group-wide goal to develop core technologies and capacity to produce hydrogen, POSCO E&C will build hydrogen-based power generation facilities and a smart hydrogen city.

  • 그린수소 생산설비 Green hydrogen Solar and wind systems, electrolyzers
  • 수소 저장시설 Hydrogen storage Liquid hydrogen storage technology ensures safety
  • 수소 활용 인프라 Hydrogen use infrastructure Smart hydrogen city equipped with hydrogen filling stations and power plants

Strengthen Offshore Wind Power Business

To deliver the Group-wide goal to develop core technologies and capacity to produce hydrogen, POSCO E&C will build hydrogen-based power generation facilities and a smart hydrogen city.

Orsted X POSCO

First-class Terminal Services For LNG, an Eco-Friendly Energy Source

Around the world, a number of aged coal-fired or heavy fuel oil power plants are being converted to combined cycle power plants or LNG terminals. To facilitate the transition, we developed gas-to-power project models for various power capacity levels.

  • •No. 6 LNG tank project, Gwangyang, Korea
  • •Combined cycle power plant and terminal project, Colon, Panama
Environmental Management

POEMS, our environment management system aligned with international standards

At POSCO E&C, we are keenly aware of the environmental impact of EPC business – particulate matter, noise, waste – and employ rigorous measures to address it. In particular, we operate the ISO 14001-certified POSCO E&C Environment Management System specifically designed for an EPC company.

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  • Design
    1. R&D
    • Eco-friendly engineering processes
    • Digital tools for sustainable construction
    2. Design
    • Eco-friendly design
    • Risk prevention and removal
  • Purchase
    3. Purchase
    • Assistance to suppliers to help develop eco-friendly products
    • Eco-friendly digital solutions
  • Construction
    4. Construction
    • Eco-friendly site management
    • Environmental risk management
    5. Waste disposal
    • Waste management system
    • Waste reduction
  • Communication
    6. Marketing
    • Idea and best practice contest
    • Sustainability campaigns

Spray Truck Operation Cost Cut by 50%
By using eco-conscious dust control agent

The Infrastructure Research Group at our R&D Center collaborated with the Ministry of Environment, local universities and small enterprises to develop a low-cost, energy-efficient dust control agent that uses eco-friendly hybrid polymer.

* The agent has been applied to the Iksan-Pyeongtaek Expressway (section 11).
친환경 비산 먼지 저감제

Smart Spray System
Wins Top Prize at the Construction Environment Management Best Practices Awards.

In partnership with smaller businesses, we developed an unmanned, remote controlled spray system. Fitted with an engine, the spray system automatically adjusts the angle of its nozzle, offering an effective alternative to manual dust suppression at dangerous construction sites.

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