Special Story Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together

‘Building Value Together’

Five Corporate Citizenship Brands

POSCO Group developed the five Corporate Citizenship brands designed to resonate with all stakeholders. Through the activities engaged under each brand, we partake in addressing social issues and seek to identify the role of businesses in building a better tomorrow, thereby becoming a trusted and revered company.

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  • Shared growth

    Sharing performance and assistance to SMEs
    Together With POSCO
  • Challenge With POSCO

    Venture Development

    Build a venture-friendly ecosystem to assist start-up projects
    Challenge With POSCO
  • Carbon Net-zero

    Climate action and environment preservation to enhance employee consciousness and to affect behavioral change
    Green With POSCO
  • Life With POSCO

    Family-friendly Workplace

    Propose solutions to address low fertility Instill hope for future generations
    Life With POSCO
  • Interdependent Communities

    Seek joint growth with local communities Engage in civic activities
    Community With POSCO

Together With POSCO

ESG+Needs Technology Collaboration Contest

This annual event issues an open call to submit technologies that can address issues confronted on construction sites. The contest helps to discover ingenious ideas generated by contractor staff. The proposed technologies are jointly developed with POSCO E&C, submitted for patent application and applied in the field.

Together With POSCO
Together With POSCO

Expanding Mutually-beneficial IPD Projects

POSCO E&C offers integrated project delivery (IPD) programs for plant construction projects. We are first in Korea to provide this advanced delivery system, in which the client, the engineering service provider, building contractors and subcontractors work as one team from project planning stage. By working under one open book contract management system, construction techniques, cost and project schedule are optimized for mutually-beneficial outcome through shared risks and benefits.

Together With POSCO

Challenge With POSCO

POSCO E&C operates an in-house venture development program designed to support the self-reliance of staff who wish to take their creative ideas and challenging spirit to the next stage.

POVENTURES In-House Venture Development Program

POSCO E&C provides employees with opportunities to seek growth and supports the exploration of future growth businesses.

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Eco Life Challenge, a Voluntary Campaign to Achieve 2050 Carbon Net-zero

  • Campaign 01

    Introduce hydrogen commuter buses

  • Campaign 02

    Building-wide ban on use of disposables

  • Campaign 03

    Use recycled plastic bottles to make sustainable work uniforms

  • Campaign 04

    Organize staircase-run events

  • Campaign 05

    Donate lightly used items

Life with POSCO

First Korean construction company to offer ‘professional construction technician certification (KOICA IBS)’ for the Bangladeshi youth.

POSCO E&C supports the youth in developing economies. By helping to create jobs and develop requisite job skills, we support them to build the foundation to their independence. KOICA selected the Matarbari Youth Construction Skills Training Project in Bangladesh for its Inclusive Business Solution (IBS) program. Throughout 2022, IBS trained 501 individuals, among which 150 have been hired into our workforce.

Together With POSCO

POSCO E&C Youth Career Mentoring

“Self-Directed Construction Training Academy for Early Teens” Since 2016, POSCO E&C staff and student volunteers have participated in a ‘Construction Training Academy’ to educate 13,000 learners on building architecture, plant construction and site engineering. Incumbent staff made visits to schools to deliver basic knowledge about the work of construction; additionally, more intimate interviews were arranged to share real-life field experiences.

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Community With POSCO

POSCO E&C X Mullae-dong
Open call for “Steel Art Contest” for Mullae-dong

Mullae-dong Iron Mill was once central to steel production in the greater metropolitan area. Today, diminished capacity and ongoing urbanization is squeezing the industry out. To blow new vitality into the mills, our Corporate Citizenship initiative is actively seeking to identify and develop up and coming artists. A nationwide call was issued to universities to design steel art. The work of finalists are produced in collaboration with metalwork artisans in the Mullae-dong mills. The final creations are recognized with special awards and featured in exhibitions at The Sharp Gallery and throughout THE SHARP apartment complexes in Seoul.

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POSCO E&C X Animal Shelter
POSCO E&C and Feral Cat Feeding Project

In partnerships with the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA), POSCO A&C, local governments, and community volunteers, we have designed and distributed new cat shelters made of steel to enhance hygiene and durability. The shelter helps to control cat traffic and to create a culture of interdependence between humans and animals. First, we support the local government’s effort to control cat population through TNR (trap-neuter-release), address community disputes and improve street appeal. POSCO E&C is also engaged in animal rescue activities in areas designated for residential redevelopment.

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POSCO E&C X Artists

The “MEESO” Project: Building happiness together The MEESO project aims to transform the construction site fences into pieces of art. By recruiting extraordinary artists, such as those with disabilities (artists who paint using the foot and the mouth) and school-age children who have placed in painting contests (co-sponsored by POSCO E&C), the art work ranges from informational posters with safety messages intended for foreigner workers to cityscape and landscape scenes. All of the art work helps to enhance curb appeal and approachability of project sites during construction.

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