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Smart technology-enhanced workplace safety
POSCO E&C, the only construction company
in Korea with zero serious workplace accidents (SWA)
in 2022.

The ‘1=100’ rule denotes that all who come
to work should be able to return home safely!
With the conviction that 1% misstep equals 100% failure,
we take all measures necessary to
protect the safety and vitality of every work crew.

Zero SWA recorded in 2022 With persistent tenacity, POSCO E&C made a remarkable achievement, recognized by the highest ‘Excellent’ rating granted by the safety management assessment standard of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT). To stay ahead, a Chief Safety Officer (CSO) was appointed last year to further enhance the company’s safety measures.

For instance, a shift was made from a centralized safety supervision scheme to a self-directed autonomous health and safety system at each construction site. As a result, POSCO E&C ensures the safety of all of its construction sites by removing an annual average of 490,000 risk factors.

Smart Safety Solution: Add smart to safety management

Industry 4.0 is led by smart technologies that pervade every part of our lives. Likewise, ‘Smart Construction’ is shifting the paradigm in our industry. POSCO E&C has developed the Smart Safety Solution, its safety management system that integrates Industry 4.0 technologies, e.g., AI, robotics, IoT, VR.

As the name suggests, safety is managed with smart

POSCO E&C Smart Safety Solution ensures worker safety.

Smart Safety Solution

Smart Safety Ball

POSCO E&C plans to apply the SSB to 31 asphyxiation-prone confined construction spaces.

By preventing enclosed space incidents and through continuous upgrades, we hope to broaden application of the SSB.

Smart Safety Solution

Forklift Automatic Braking System (ABS)

With the goal to eliminate forklift collisions, POSCO Group has developed ‘Forklift ABS' that combines AI-based image recognition with automatic brake control technology.

Through deep learning and AI, the image recognizes humans from inanimate objects with accurate precision. Then, by using the wide-angle lens to convert the captured image into coordinates, the machine-human distance is measured.

When a worker comes within 6 meters of the forklift, a range considered collision-prone, an alarm is triggered (step 1). Once a worker is within 4-meter range, the forklift decelerates (step 2), and automatically brakes to a full stop (step 3) when the distance narrows to 2 meters. Hence, the forklift brakes devoid of the driver’s manual engagement.

POSCO E&C has taken this technology one step further. By applying intelligent CCTV to construction equipment, e.g., excavators, forklifts, we have developed an `Equipment Collision Prevention System' to actively prevent machine-human collisions.

Smart Safety Solution

Underwater Drone

POSCO E&C is the first Korean construction company to use underwater drones in lieu of divers for offshore construction projects. The use of submersible drones in deep sea work helps to inspect construction quality, prevent safety accidents where currents are particularly strong and to survey seabed conditions and marine plant habitat.

The drone can travel underwater for up to four hours at a speed of 2 knots (about 3.7 km/h), transmitting real-time video for the most current and accurate deep sea information.

POSCO E&C recently piloted the submersible drone at the Yeosu Hwatae-Baekya construction site to validate quality performance, paving the way to expanded application of deep sea drones.

Smart Safety Solution

Smart Airbag

The Smart Airbag has been jointly developed by POSCO E&C and Safeware, an industrial goods manufacturer. Specially designed for construction sites, the wearable helps to mitigate injury in fall from height incidents, which account for 60% of fatal construction site accidents.

Having the appearance of an ordinary work vest, the Airbag is equipped with sensors that detect movement and speed. When it detects a fall, the vest inflates in 0.2 seconds to create a protective layer, helping to reduce the impact of the fall by 55%. Therefore, the Smart Airbag helps to prevent injury in fall from height incidents.

Smart Safety Solution

Enclosed space gas detection system

The device is designed to detect by real-time the presence and level of harmful gases in enclosed spaces or in areas deemed prone to gas leakage. In the event of a leak, the presence of harmful gases is signaled by immediate warning lights, notifying authorities to address the risk.


Smart Safety Solution

Hoisting safety

A hoisting safety system has been installed on site to prevent hoist equipment (used to lift heavy objects by using ropes) accidents and to better manage construction sites. Causes of hoist failure are diverse, ranging from simple human error to door opening during hoist operation. With the safety system, operational malfunction can be detected remotely, should an error occur, immediate action can be taken by audio communication.

Smart Safety Solution

Mobile Smart Surveillance Video (CCTV)

POSCO E&C’s mobile smart surveillance video is a wireless device that is easily installed almost anywhere. By connecting the video to the smart phone, the construction site can be monitored by real-time, putting eyes and ears throughout the work areas.


Hands-on Accident-prevention Training


In January 2022, POSCO E&C launched the Safety Academy with the goal to establish a culture of safety compliance through organized and professional hands-on programs.

POSCO E&C Safety Academy offers health and safety courses that integrate relevant statutory training courses. All learners take instructional courses and engage in discussions and hands-on experience by using real life protective equipment. As a result, all staff obtain professional experience in on-site health and safety management skills.

Traveling Safety Bus

In search of a hands-on health and safety program that can be delivered without the constraints of space and time, POSCO E&C introduced the Traveling Safety Bus program. Loaded with virtual reality (VR) enabled devices, a large bus serves as a traveling classroom that offers experiential training to affiliated companies and construction workers.

The VR training program is comprised of realistic content produced by incorporating a variety of real-life examples of workplace accidents.

Since it launched in November 2021, POSCO E&C has offered the program to more than 8,300 workers, helping to significantly enhance the safety management capability of all construction crew.

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