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We are unlocking the next
frontier in smart construction.

At POSCO E&C, we constantly push the boundaries of technology. We enhance safety and operational efficiency at construction sites by applying digital technologies and transformative engineering applications.

POSCO E&C Smart Construction

State-of-the-art Technologies Put to Work on Construction Sites.

High-precision and 3D analysis of project sites

Drone images are used to render high-precision 3D mapping of terrain.

Optimal design

Big Room technique and building information modeling (BIM) processes are employed to generate optimal designs.

Virtual design and construction

Virtual design models are used to build three-dimensional floorplans of temporary structures and equipment.

Automated construction management

Application of automated systems and autonomous robots enables efficient process control.

Construction and efficient operation

Digital twin models provide practical and efficient solutions for operation and maintenance.

Smart Construction Strategy

Offer business value and enhance competitiveness

From the planning to construction phase of a project, a wide range of digital solutions such as building information modeling (BIM), smart tools, prefabrication applications, and pre-construction smart workflows are applied. Our Smart Construction Group harnesses the power of AI and data to standardize work processes. The Group also internalizes the latest technical knowledge through staff training programs and technology acquisition.

Our Industry-Leading Solutions

  • Pre-construction In the pre-construction stage, systematic project management techniques are employed to minimize project cost, time and quality issues. This includes the Big Room, where all parties involved in a project are brought together into one room to identify and mitigate design errors.
  • Prefabrication To enhance productivity, building components are prefabricated at factories and assembled at the construction site.
  • BIM-based simulation Building information modeling software is used to simulate the layout of temporary structures or equipment and review safety risks and workflows, thereby optimizing processes and minimizing costs.
  • Digital construction management High-resolution images of construction sites taken by 3D scanning drones are uploaded to the internet via mobile applications. Operators can easily access the images through smartphones or tablet PCs.
  • Automated control systems GPS trackers and IoT tools are integrated into equipment and processes to automate control. Ground penetrating radars mounted on equipment help locate and avoid subsurface structures.
  • Smart safety systems This technology controls site safety in real-time by monitoring gas levels in enclosed spaces, identifying workers’ locations, controlling hazardous substance storages, analyzing intelligent CCTV footages, and controlling drone safety.
#Posco E&C TV
Smart Safety Solution

IoT technologies make construction sites safer.

Our smart safety solutions apply IoT-based technologies to identify risk factors in real-time and take appropriate safety measures.
(* Top prize from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport at the 2020 Smart Construction Tech & Safety Expo)

  • 01Face recognition system

  • 02Smart bulletin board system

  • 03Vehicle management system

  • 04TTS & smart video system

  • 05Smart work management system - Management of structure openings

  • 06Smart work management system - Mobile broadcasting & CCTV control

  • 07Smart work management system - Safety management for hoists

  • 08Smart work management system - Integrated site management

  • 09Gas leakage detector system for enclosed spaces

  • 10Intrusion prevention system

  • 11On-site management system using drones

  • 12Smart safety harness

Smart Construction Group of POSCO E&C R&D Center

Big Room perspective of future
smart construction

“Smart Construction maximizes customer satisfaction.”

스마트컨스트럭션 그룹 이희영 그룹장

The industry faces radical social change and shifts in the business environment including growing risks in project acquisition and execution, lower productivity, greater reliance on older or foreigner workers and stiffer regulation. Smart construction technologies such as building information modeling, pre-construction, prefabrication and smart safety are POSCO E&C’s answer to these challenges. We will rapidly integrate these tools in our operations to maximize customer satisfaction.

Lee Hee-young, Head of Smart Construction Group

“Smart construction drives change and innovation.”

POSCO E&C has brought a number of projects to fruition by applying pre-construction processes, prefabrication applications and smart tools. Now we aim to take our ambitions a step further. Our goal is to innovate our way of working by upgrading our smart construction technology portfolio.

Jeon Jin-taek, section leader of Smart Construction Group
스마트컨스트럭션 그룹 전진택 섹션리더

We pioneer value creation
and innovation in construction.

포스코케미칼 세종 음극재 2공장 1,2 단계

First Industrial Plant Project to Apply Integrated Project Delivery processPhases 1 and 2 of POSCO FUTURE M Cathode Materials Plant 2 (Sejong)

The project to build a cathode materials plant in Sejong was the first in Korea where the Integrated project delivery (IPD) method was applied in the construction of an industrial plant. IPD not only proved to add value to the client and boost the builder’s the bottom line but also enhanced our strength in technology and project management in the long run.

Phase 1: Apr. 2018 - Nov. 2019 / Phase 2: Dec. 2019 - Aug. 2022 View More​
  • 원가절감 10억

    KRW 1 billion cost saving

    • IPD Cost-plus contracts improve profitability and ensure stable returns; open book accounting helps clients to save costs.
    • Pre-Construction Contractors are involved from an early stage of projects to enable effective issue response; alternative designs and value engineering changes help save costs; pull planning technique is used in process setting and project scheduling.
  • 공기단축 3개월, Captive Project 재수주

    Three months saved in project time; repeat order for captive projects

    • Building information modeling (BIM) BIM clash detection tools help prevent rework
    • Prefabrication Furnaces and automated warehouse pipe racks are prefabricated.

Sinansan Double-Track Railway Project First-of-its-kind railway project in Korea to Apply BIM to Sections

Once completed, the Sinansan double-track underground railway will span 44.7 kilometers, connecting 15 stations including Ansan, Siheung, Gwangmyeong and Yeouido. The sheer magnitude of the structure makes the project an enormous undertaking. BIM tools were applied to all sections of the railway track and work processes to detect and avoid interface clash. Smart shaft management techniques were employed in the construction of vertical access shafts to ensure precise engineering.

Apr. 2020 - Apr. 2025 View More​
신안산선 복선전철 민간투자사업
  • 원가절감 10억

    5,600 design errors were identified in time to avoid rework.

    • BIM Detailed designs were converted into 3D BIM models to allow for close review of each station
  • 공기단축 3개월, Captive Project 재수주

    Construction plans were assessed to identify and remove risks.

    • Virtual construction Processes were simulated to validate safety at high-risk construction worksites. Optimal equipment layout and operation plans were visualized for each stage of construction.
    • Smart Tools Drones were used to map existing structures three-dimensionally.
포항 인큐베이팅 센터 'Change Up Ground'

POSCO Steel Meets POSCO E&C Smart Construction Techniques
CHANGeUP Ground, startup incubation center in Pohang

CHANGeUP is a modular campus built by applying POSCO’s state-of-the art steel products and POSCO E&C’s smart construction expertise. Our pre-construction and BIM tools were used to deliver quality outcomes to the client. We also demonstrated our differentiated and advanced eco-friendly technology competence that we will continue to cultivate.

Feb. 2022 - Jun. 2021 View More
  • 원가절감 10억

    Cost reduction

    • Pre-construction Assessed constructability by engaging contractors in the Big Room; proposed value engineering changes and identified additional cost savings.
  • 221건 설계오류 개선

    221 corrected design errors

    • BIM Reviewed design consistency of the top-heavy architecture by using BIM processes to prevent rework of cantilevers.
  • 221건 설계오류 개선

    Improved accuracy and reliability of construction plans.

    • Virtual construction Proposed and determined design alternatives to optimize process workflows.
  • 221건 설계오류 개선

    Expanded application of prefabrication techniques.

    • Prefabrication and panelizing To install Korea’s longest PosMAC steel panel, created installable modules and verified constructability by using BIM-based digital mock-up technology.
  • 221건 설계오류 개선

    30% improvement in pre-fabrication and on-site installation efficiency

    • Smart Logistics Prefabricated external panels (7,712 sheets) and utilized logistics management system.

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