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Prestigious homes, The Sharp​​

The Essence of Housing, THE SHARP

POSCO E&C’s housing brand THE SHARP was developed under the basic concept of sturdiness and durability. Focusing on the essence of housing and customer lifestyles, THE SHARP ensures a safe and premium housing culture for customers.

  • Version 1.0 2002 : version 1.0

    Level-Up Your Lifestyle

    THE SHARP has been weaving up the fragments of a dream for housing to turn them into reality.

  • Version 1.0 2010 : version 2.0

    THE SHARP Reads Your Mind

    THE SHARP has been enhancing customers’ quality of living and satisfaction level.

  • Version 1.0 2020.01 : version 3.0

    The Essence of Housing

    Heralding the era of THE SHARP 3.0

Named after the musical notation “sharp (#),” which means higher in pitch by one semitone, POSCO E&C launched THE SHARP 1.0 in 2002 and upgraded to THE SHARP 2.0 in 2010. In 2020, under the brand identity system of “ADVANCE IN CORE, we launched THE SHARP 3.0 to focus on the four principles: reliable safety, comfortable rest, enhanced convenience, and refined design.

THE SHARP’s sincerity
towards customers

Brand evaluation

Many brands excel in what is visible.
However, not many brands do their utmost at what is not visible.

Houses, which will be your lifetime partner, must guarantee sturdiness and sophisticated design.
POSCO E&C’s THE SHARP is highly acknowledged by customers as an apartment brand with excellent construction quality.

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  • Apartment brand with the highest customer loyalty

    No. 1 in customer loyalty for five years in a row

  • Apartment brand with the highest customer loyalty

    No. 1 in consumer satisfaction for two years in a row

  • Apartment brand with the highest customer loyalty

    No. 1 in the Korea Standard Quality Excellence Index (KS-QEI) for 11 years in a row

  • Apartment brand with the highest customer loyalty

    No. 1 in the Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI) for three years in a row

The Essence of Technology

The Essence of Service

Residence Level-Up with THE SHARP’s Technology


THE SHARP suggests state-of-the-art technologies by studying customer behaviors and lifestyle patterns and thus developing products with the highest priority on customer convenience, health, and safety.

  • AiQ Convenience The home safety system is operated by voice or with a smartphone. AiQ Convenience
  • AiQ Safety Protects not only individual units but also the entire apartment complex from danger. AiQ Convenience
  • AiQ Health With the top-tier technological power in the industry, it maintains a pleasant and healthy indoor space. AiQ Convenience

블루엣 서비스

`BULUET` is plant that bloom
blue flowers.
Like giving a flower to a loved one,
POSCO E&C strives to provide
our clients with the finest customer
service and nurture their daily needs
to bloom like flowers.

  • Pre-inspection Residents can request after-sale service during the pre-inspection and check the handling results through a mobile app. AiQ Convenience
  • Bluet Lounge When the occupancy begins, tenant cards and keys are issued at Bluet Lounge installed in the complex. Residents can request after-sale service through a mobile app. When necessary, an Bluet manager offers consulting service. AiQ Convenience
  • Bluet services Among sharing service, curating service, and living service, the services selected in each complex are provided to the residents depending on their years of stay in the complex. AiQ Convenience

Everything about THE # specialized system

#Posco E&C TV

A space of experience and exhibition that visualizes POSCO E&C’s advanced technological power and vision for the eco-friendly future

POSCO E&C opened THE SHARP Galley, a residential culture promotion center, in Gangnam, Seoul to lead a new building culture that applies premium steel materials to housing construction. The gallery also offers differentiated cultural programs, such as marketing events for housing sale and project order, as well as lectures and exhibitions.

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