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Possesses competitive advantage in the field

POSCO E&C Leading for the Best Values

With the advent of the new climate regime, more companies and countries across the world are declaring carbon neutrality. In addition, the global economic system is being reorganized focusing on climate action. Having recognized eco-friendly management as a survival issue, POSCO E&C is dedicated to fulfilling its responsibilities and duties as a corporate citizen in order to lead sustainable business management.

Beyond the First Value
Urban Renewal

Urban renewal projects are aimed at improving the areas that require recovery of urban functions or have inferior residential environment in a systematic manner. Through the projects, old and low-quality buildings are pulled down, and new houses are built on the site. The existing housing owners create a union and build new buildings together with the construction company.

  • Reconstruction

    Reconstruction projects are implemented in areas with high concentration of old and low-quality buildings but with satisfactory infrastructure. The existing housing is pulled down and substituted with new apartment housing.

  • Redevelopment

    Redevelopment projects target areas with inferior residential environment. After the old housing is demolished, we build infrastructure including roads and waterand sewage systems, along with new apartment housing.

  • Remodeling

    Remodeling projects are aimed at extending the lifespan of housing or improving the housing functions. We substantially repair or partially extend (rebuild) housing while maintaining the basic frame.

with Extensive Experiences in Construction

POSCO E&C is leading the urban renewal market based on its capacity for premium design to create landmarks for the target areas. We propose the best project conditions according to customer needs.

Carried out over KRW 2 trillion of urban renewal projects for two years in a row

Best remodeling project execution capability in the construction industry

  • The one
    and only!
    Construction after the revision of remodeling-related laws and regulations
    • Construction commenced as the first in Korea following the vertical extension permit (Gaepo Useong Apt. Complex 9)
    • Only vertical extension permit in Korea (Songpa Seongji Apt.)
    • The only case of relocation and construction commencement following the revision of the remodeling-related laws and regulations in Korea
  • The most!
    Expertise in acquiring remodeling permits
    • Completed six out of seven construction projects with approved construction plans (86%)
    • Completed the construction of 11 complexes that passed remodeling deliberations
    • Accumulated experiences in permit acquisition, such as for one-on-one remodeling, vertical extension, and separate building extension
  • The largest!
    Operation of a dedicated remodeling division
    • The largest remodeling division in the domestic construction industry
    • Offers A to Z solution for remodeling projects, including feasibility review, engineering, design specialization, permits, and relocation support

Urban renewal projects
and performance by district

전국 도시정비 129,253세대
리모델링 사업 리모델링 사업

Financial Integrity Recognized
by All Credit Rating Agencies in Korea


Credit rating A+ from Korea’s top three credit rating agencies

(NICE Investors Service, Korea Investors Service, and Korea Ratings)

  • Capital scale Based on the data included in the Business Report 2020
    (DART, Financial Supervisory Service)


  • Construction capacity evaluation Based on construction capacity evaluation in 2021
    (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)


  • Debt ratio Based on construction capacity evaluation in 2021
    (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)


Leads the Housing Culture and Trend

알레산드로 멘디니
Alessandro Mendini (1931 - 2019)
architect and designer

POSCO E&C’s premium apartments ensures the best exterior design. THE SHARP, which establishes itself as a landmark in Seoul and across the country, offers premium design using colors and patterns developed through collaboration with Alessandro Mendini, a world-renowned designer. THE SHARP even turns the weaknesses of local topography into characteristic features, thus leading the premium housing trend.

알렉산드로 멘디니

Architectural beauty embodying nature
Landmarks are completed by POSCO E&C’s imagination.

Open space for communication
Harmony between nature and arts presents relaxation.

Housing units designed to reflect the lifestyle of each individual
New values are designed by in-depth interpretation of space.

Magnificent view, special story, and community for residents
We present specialness not everyone can enjoy.

POSCO E&C’s Technological Power to Create the Best Landmark

Industry-leading patents and technological competency

  • 보유특허

    Number of patents

  • 신기술 보유 현황

    Number of new technologies : largest among top ten construction companies

    30cases * Technologies with large economic ripple effect and for commercialization certified by the government (as of Aug. 2019)
  • 연구개발 투자금액

    R&D costs

  • 보유 기술자 수

    Number of engineers


POSCO E&C’s construction records

  • 35 out of 115 cases in Korea (30%) Largest record of high-rise (over 50 floors) construction in Korea
  • Songdo Tribowl The world’s first inverted shell-shaped building
  • Busan THE SHARP City Avenue First apartment in Korea applied with a top-down technique using high-strength concrete-filled steel pipes
  • Dogtan Metapolis World’s first apartment complex to succeed in ultra-high-strength concrete (200 MPa) placing
  • Songdo Convencia First in Korea to acquire LEED certification
  • Sangnok Tower Korea’s first steel frame apartment

Remodeling Using Unrivaled Innovative Technologies to Build Premium Apartments

  • Top-down technique applied to the core of the main building

    Reduced construction period and cost through concurrent operation on and under the ground.

    Patent Application No.: 10-2020-0051924
  • Membrane sound-absorbing unit for floor impact noises Patent Application No.: 10-2020-0057535
  • Base trap on ceiling corners for floor imipact noises Patent Application No.: 10-2020-0061406
  • Wall or slab remodeling extension joint structure and its construction technique Patent Application No.: 10-2020-0088223
리모델링 리모델링

Partner for Successful Urban Renewal
Recognized by All

  • Partnership between the union and POSCO E&C
  • Swift project implementation based on expertise in permit acquisition
  • Stable project implementation based on diverse experiences
  • Maximized asset value for union members
  • Project Analysis


    Project feasibility assessment tool
    Business consulting services
    Financial cost minimization
  • Floor Plan Analysis


    Optimal floor plan design
    Specialized elevation design
    Specialized community facilities
  • Product Design


    Original design
    Specialized landscape design
    Customized design
  • Construction


    Structural stability secured
    Construction period shortening technology
    Eco-friendly field management
  • Energy Saving

    Residential environment

    High-performance windows and doors and insulation
    Floor impact noise improvement
    Prevention of sick building syndrome

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