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POSCO E&C Wins 45MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

NOV 11 ,2016

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- Project is expected to cost 75.5 billion won.
- Construction work will begin in March 2017 and be completed in December of the same year

On October 31, POSCO E&C won the "Eunsung Gwangjin Photovoltaic Power Generation Project" from solar power companies, Eunsung Solar and Gwangjin Solar. The builder will implement this project through the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) method which provides design, procurement and construction altogether.

▶ Yeongam Photovoltaic Power Plant, the first solar power in Korea built by POSCO E&C in 2007
The Eunsung Gwangjin Photovoltaic Power Generation Project has a purpose for building solar power generation facilities with a total generating capacity of 45MW in 11 areas including Mungyeong of Gyeongbuk Province. The electric power of 45 MW can be used by about 16,000 households at the same time. The total construction cost is valued at 75.5 billion won and will take about 10 months from March to December 2017 to build the facilities.
Solar power generation produces electricity using the photoelectric effects of solar cells which convert radiant energy from the sun into electricity. In 2007, POSCO E&C built a 3MW photovoltaic power plant which is Korea’s first power plant of this kind, located Yeongam of Jeonnam Province.
POSCO E&C secured its capabilities to implement and manage the entire approval and permission process as well as overall system design based on its experience in the construction of Yeongam Solar Power Plant. At the same time, the company ensured its reliability in terms of quality.
Meanwhile, POSCO E&C is constructing photovoltaic power generation facilities with a total generating capacity of 31.2MW in eight regions, including Gyeongju of Gyeongbuk Province, with the aim of completing them by the end of this December.